January 24, 2011

Easy Fresh Strawberry Mousse

Sometimes you get this urge to have dessert yet you don’t want something that involves a lot of effort and comes with a truck load of calories. Fruit is nice, especially these days when there’s such a variety of it around, but isn’t really going to satisfy that craving that only a dessert can. Chocolate is one fool proof solution but even though I’m a chocolate lover, there are times when I look forward to something different.

I found my answer in this easy and light strawberry mousse I made. There isn’t much that original about folding in whipped cream into fresh strawberry purée, and there must be a hundred variations on this mousse. This isn’t one of those instant desserts and despite requiring at least 6 hours to set, I find this mousse has a lot going for it.

There’s quite a bit of fresh fruit in it and the whipped cream gives it the “dessert” feel. Of course, the cream means that it is not low calorie but then if that’s what you want you can always settle for fresh fruit. Look at this way; it is cream with 25% fat and about 75ml of it in each serving (or less if you make 6 serves), it satisfies your dessert craving and you don’t mousse everyday after all (I hope).

As I must have mentioned many times before, in India, the season for strawberries is winter. So strawberry mousse it was when the craving for dessert struck, the other day. It doesn’t take much time to set and is vegetarian (no eggs, no gelatine). I used agar flakes to help the mousse set, though you might need a little more agar if you want the mousse to set firm enough to use a layered filling.

Easy Strawberry Mousse


1 1/2 cups fresh strawberry purée (about 2 cups quartered strawberries)

3 tbsp powdered/ fine sugar

300ml fresh cream (25% fat), chilled

2 tbsp icing sugar*

2 tbsp agar flakes

1/8 cup hot water

2 or 3 strawberries and mint for garnish


*Icing sugar – the kind with cornstarch.

Mix the strawberry purée and sugar so the sugar dissolves. Dissolve the agar flakes in the hot water and allow it to cool but don’t let it solidify.

Put the chilled cream, the icing sugar and the agar in a large bowl and beat, using a hand mixer, till stiff. Add the whipped cream to the strawberry purée and fold it in till blended. Divide the mousse equally between 4 or 6 glasses, cover and refrigerate for at least 4 to 6 hours, or till set.

Serve. This recipe makes 4 servings (or 6 smaller servings).