September 10, 2010

Garlic-Rosemary Whole Wheat Yogurt Crescent Rolls And A Giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway and I am happy to offer one so let’s get to that before anything else. I’m sure most of you have seen and some have hosted giveaways sponsored by CSN Stores. Well, it’s my turn today to join the CSN giveaway club.  (This giveaway is closed)

They had written to me quite sometime back asking if I would like to host a giveaway for my readers from the US and Canada, and it took us (I should say me, as I was being a bit fussy about it) a while to come up with something which was agreeable to both of us.

CSN has generously offered one lucky reader of this blog an $80.00 gift card (not including shipping) that can be used on ANY product on ANY one of their sites! CSN has loads of branded cookware and bakeware, including Le Creuset, on their site but you don’t have to restrict yourself to buying kitchen stuff if you win.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is to leave a comment at this post. While you’re about it maybe you could tell me what is the one (or two) smaller appliance/ gadget that you could not do without in your kitchen?
The two things I use the most in my kitchen are probably my mixer/grinder and pressure cooker, but the one small gadget that is precious to me is my lemon squeezer. It makes short work of squeezing lemons/ limes, which is something I hate doing!

Please let me know in your comment if you do not wish to be included in the giveaway. This giveaway is not restricted to bloggers, so take a chance and leave a comment. It might be your lucky day.
Please leave your e-mail ids (or link to your blogs in the comment form) in your comments so I can contact you if you win!

The giveaway shall be open till the midnight of the 17th September, 2010. On the 19th September, I shall randomly pick one and announce the the name of one lucky person who will get to shop at CSN, so please watch this space.

This giveaway, is only open to residents of the US and Canada due to shipping restrictions. If you have family/ friends in the US / Canada whom you would like to gift this to, then do a chance and enter your name. Lady Luck might have you on her list!
Please note that Canadian residents would have to pay international shipping charges.
Good Luck!

If you would still like to read my post for today, here it is. Otherwise, scroll right down and leave your comment.
I made these garlic rosemary crescent rolls sometime last month, when I realized that I hadn’t baked any bread in a while. You all know I enjoy baking, but baking bread is something extra special for me. Maybe it is that I really like bread, or its just the magic of seeing dough rise up in the oven and fill the kitchen with that fantastic aroma of freshly baking bread.

Whatever the reason, I just got the feeling that I had to bake some crescent rolls bread then and there. I love pulling apart a crescent roll, and see the soft rolled up bread unravel. So I put together a recipe, got out the yeast, milk, yogurt, and the other ingredients only to find out I had run out of all purpose flour. All I had was whole wheat flour but I don’t usually make all whole wheat bread because no one in my home really likes it, except me.

This time, I didn’t have much choice as I had already made the rosemary garlic oil and dissolved the yeast. So I made the rolls with whole wheat flour and these are the best whole wheat crescent rolls I’ve eaten to date. They’re really soft and even my daughter who isn’t a fan of “healthy” bread, agreed they were very good.

This post is long enough without my going on some more, so here’s the recipe for my crescent rolls, and don’t forget to enter your name for the giveaway.

Garlic-Rosemary Whole Wheat Yogurt Crescent Rolls


2 3/4 cups to 3 cups whole wheat flour

3/4 tsp salt

3/4 cup plain yogurt

1/2 cup milk, warm

1 tbsp honey

2 1/4 tsp dry active yeast

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp garlic paste

few sprigs fresh rosemary (or dried)


In a pan, heat the olive oil and add the garlic paste to it. Sauté, over medium heat, until the raw smell of garlic disappears. Chop the rosemary and add it to the pan. Stir a couple of times and then take the pan off the heat. Keep aside to allow the oil to cool and allow the flavours to leech into the oil.

Put the warm milk and honey in a bowl. Dissolve the yeast in this and keep for five minutes till it bubbles up.

Put the 2 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour in the food processor bowl (or a mixing bowl). Add the salt, the flavoured olive oil, the yeast mixture and the yogurt. Process/ knead until a soft and elastic dough forms, adding more flour as necessary. The dough should be soft and just short of being sticky.

Shape the dough into a ball and place in an oiled bowl, ensuring the dough ball is coated with the oil. Cover and allow the dough to rise and double in volume. This took me about 2 hours.

Now take the dough and press it down slightly without totally deflating it. Divide the dough into two halves and shape each one into a smooth round.
Roll out the ball of dough into a circle about 11” to 12” in diameter. Using a pizza cutter cut the circle into 12 pieces.
Roll up each piece from the broad end and place on a greased tray with the tip of the roll tucked underneath. Repeat with the other ball of dough.

Loosely cover the rolls with a towel and allow to rise till almost double, for about 45 minutes. If you want to brush them with egg you can. I left mine plain.

Bake them at 200C (400F) for about 20 minutes or till they’re golden brown. Cool on a rack.
You may serve them with soup, eat them as they are or have them for breakfast.
This recipe makes 24 small crescent rolls.

Let me also take this opportunity to wish all who are celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi and Eid, a very happy festive weekend filled with fun and food with family and friends.


Sue said...

The ONE thing I can't live without is my Krups grind 'n brew coffee maker. That's followed closely by Vita Mix and then my KitchenAid stand mixer. The small item I can't do without is my Cutco trimmer knife (it's used multiple times a day).

Note that I'd say my Vita Mix was first, but seriously, I couldn't do anything in my Vita Mix if I hadn't had a cuppa coffee in the morning, so there you go!

BTW, my lime squeezer gets more use than my lemon one. The Mexican heavy duty ones are awesome. I can't remember how I used to juice lemons or limes till I got 'em!

sarah said...

I love the look of your rolls. I always bake with whole wheat, almost exclusively. I recently got a copy of King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking from the library and I'm learning lots about using whole wheat. For example, using a bit of orange juice (1 tablespoon) can counteract the tannic taste some people find in whole wheat. Genius! I can't wait to try lots of recipes. There's even whole wheat croissants.

I can't do without my immersion blender, especially since it also has two small food processor attachments. I use it for everything and it's so easy to wash up.

Asha @ FSK said...

Sometimes whole wheat has a way for surprising you with it's taste.. Recently we picked up a whole wheat crust pizza by mistake and it was so much better than normal crust!!

Hmm.. I couldn't live without a blender/mixer and mine is very near the end of it's life. LOL.. so would be great to win this giveaway. Also need a immersion blender!

Ashlie and Alfred said...

These cresents sounds yummy - I love that they aren't chock-ful of butter like so many recipes for this time of bread.

Of all my small appliances the one I couldn't live without is my toaster - I use it everyday, I'm really not sure what I'd do without it! I also adore my mini-chopper/food processor :)

BangaloreBaker said...

I have similar crescent rolls too (blogged about in early days of blogging).
I can't live without my pressure cooker and my Mixie/Blender. There are lot of other gadgets that get used occasionally. Loved the pictures of the rolls.

shefskitchen said...

I can't live without my chef's knife and my blender and then my stand mixer. A small thing I can't live without? My ginger Microplane!
Great blog!!! Awesome pics!!!

Ann said...

Wow, your crescents came out shaped so beautifully. I've been seeing these CSN giveaways a lot, I'd probably go for an ice cream maker, one arena of desserts I haven't delved into much

Sayantani said...

beautiful crescent especially the shapes. love the smell of garlic and rosemaries in my bread and these look tempting.

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Those crescent rolls are just amazing looking and would love to be in your giveaway. I cannot do anything without my lovely knives in my kitchen :)

Tanvi said...

Lovely crescents.I love anything garlicky!
Two things which I cannot survive without are my hand grater and blender cum mixer.They are my lifeline in my kitchen.
I would love to enter this giveaway and choose a dutch oven or cast iron skillet.
Happy Hosting!
Sinfully Spicy

Latha said...

Those garlic rolls look yummy! I can't wait to try!
Now, to mention just one or two gadgets would be difficult! I love my fry pan and pressure cooker as I can cook my basic meal with those.

Priya said...

Hi Aparna,

I just love your blog and those garlic rolls look really yummy.

I just can't live without my magic bullet.

I hope to win this give away.

RooTel said...

Those rolls look yummo! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win! I need some skillets.

Aparna S Mallya said...

I love the fact that u used only whole wheat in the rolls. They look good!

Most people who host this giveaway want us to 'follow' their blog, which puts me off. I'm glad you didn't do that.

My manual whisk is something I use for any kind of mixing - even dosa batter, because I can get rid of lumps easily.
Also, I have a large knife which I even took with me to India, because I'm so used to cutting my veggies with it.

Anonymous said...
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Priya said...

Woww awesome looking cresecent rolls..very tempting..

Nikita said...

Would love to try out the healthy rolls soon. they look delicious!
I couldn't do without my whisk and my toaster. Also my nonstick pans.

Deepa said...

Whole wheat crescent roll looks delicious. I am sure going to try this.
Mixie and small smasher are the two gadgets important in my kitchen.

Ria Mathew said...

The cresent rolls looks delicious! I love such tiny bite sized stuff.

My must have kitchen gadget are my knives (of course!) and my chopping board. I used to depend on my pressure cooker a lot while I was in India, not any more.

And yes, I would like to be included in the giveaway! :)

Geetha said...

Hi Aparna,
The crecent rolls look yummy. I read your blogs regularly, find them very helpful for my style of cooking(less eggs, palakad iyer etc..)
I love my pressure/rice cooker, pan and Indian tava.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and I would like to be included in the giveaway. Thankyou

Veena said...

Will you permit family to take part in this giveaway? :-) I was looking for all the usual disclaimers....

Love the rolls - will try making them this weekend.

Hmmmm....small gadget? Couldn't do without my electric can opener and my sandwich maker!

Torviewtoronto said...

yummy looks delicious

Char said...

Hi aoarna..

I love the way your rolls look. I wish there were photographs of each step :).

I cant do withoit my peeler and the teeny tiny flour sieve we have...


dick said...

I can't do without my little Victorinox serrated edge paring knife, my electric kettle and this little flat wooden stick thing I use on my non-stick pans. I have a ton of wooden spoons but this little stick is the one I grab whenever I am using the non-stick pans.

I love to bake with whole wheat flour. I get my flour fresh milled from a neat local mill and it smells so good when I am baking bread or rolls. These look great and would be just the thing to have with bowls of hot soup in the cooler weather that is coming up here in NY.

mala said...

amazing rolls, aparna......can't wait to taste them!

Lisa said...

I would love to win this giveaway. I think your crescents look delish. The one appliance I couldn't live without these days is my blender. Thanks for such an interesting blog.

suma said...

I am beginning to love the way the house smells when bread is baking, these rolls sound delicious!!

I can't do without my wire whisk which I use to mash my dal, mix my instant dosa batter or besan in the kadhi mixture and a dozen other things!!

meeyeehere said...

Yummy rolls,my tummy box is broken now,I am so hungry!!
Oh, I um love my crock pot,like really love it!! I also really love my Wok,I use it all the time

Divya Kudua said...

Crescent rolls look so pretty Aparna..need to gather a bit courage for yeast baking!!

Two things I cannot do without-my pressure cooker and my electric blender!!

Teandrea said...

If these rolls are as good as your other recipes, then I will be jumping up and down waiting for them to come out of the oven. Sunday lunch, anyone? ;)

This is a great giveaway, so...the kitchen tools I can't do without are simple, but I love 'em. My black pancake spatula - needed for eggs, cookies, and many other oven-baked things; a pampered chef glass mixing bowl - I use it ALL the time; and my electric mixer.

Topher said...

I love my kitchen board. Thanks for the giveaway.


zekks at yahoo dot com

monalisa said...

My microplane zester, love it! I use it every single day.

Nive said...

Lovely rolls and thanks for this great giveaway..

I use my tiny coffee grinder to powder almost anything and it's the one thing that I depend the most in my kitchen...

TruthHole said...

can't live without my George Foreman!!! I use it every day.Ma,awesome giveaway!

Jo Ann said...

Oh My, the rolls look delicious. I am new to your blog but am a self proclaimed foodie junkie. I buy cookbooks by the hundreds, and love to try different foods from any nationality. The one thing that I could not do without is my Kitchen Aid standup mixer. I have no luck with those handheld models, fry the motor from overuse...but my Kitchen Aid is always there on the counter waiting for me:). My favorite kitchen gadget is, of all things, my hand crank can opener....I just can't get the hang of those electric least I know that if the power goes out my family and I won't starve.LOL!

LindsayAnne said...

I made these this morning and they were great! My boyfriend enjoyed them as well, and he usually isn't big on whole wheat baked goods. Thanks!

LindsayAnne said...

Oh, and my favorite item has to be my food processor. I use it for so many things and would hate to be without it! Otherwise, I am loving my new ceramic knives lately.

An Open Book said...

I would say its my immersion blender that i cannot do without and then pressure cooker:)
Love the crescent rolls...and great pics as usual

Say said...

I am very fond of my Cuisinart food processor and am obsessive about my aeropress coffee gadget.

I also love small bread creations - loaves are sometimes too much effort and i love crust. I only bake with whole wheat and these are going to get made tonight!

Joel H said...

These crescent rolls sound delicious! I love rosemary and fresh healthy whole wheat breads. I can't wait to try them out!

In my kitchen I love my Cuisenart handheld food processor (great for pureeing pumpkin or making a great curry )and my Microplane zester (great for zesting lemons or grating parmesan cheese).

Julia said...

Bread in any form is amazing, but enhanced by the use of wheat flour and rosemary. The delightful soft texture made me smile and my stomach happy. Thanks for your recipe.

As far as my favorite kitchen gadget/tool...doesn't get much more simple that my handy-dandy flexible, plastic cutting board. To any remotely serious or ambitious chef out there, this is a necessity to your kitchen...or rather it makes cooking a lot easier! Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

Jenni @ Project Cookie 365 said...

I came here from Foodgawker just because I'm a recipe hoarded and liked the look of those rolls! (And whole wheat is a bonus, I always sub half my bread flour out for whole wheat :) every little bit helps!)

Anyway, now I see you have a giveaway! I could not live without my kitchenaid (well, probably could, but I love it soooo much!) or my pastry cutter :) I have so many gadgets and small appliances it's ridiculous. I think I inherited that from my mom!

JuLo said...

I use my microplane zester a surprising amount. I love it! These rolls sound amazing. I'll be giving them a try! :)

Becky said...

I use my magic bullet daily for smoothies. yum!
I want to try these rolls. THey look delicious!

Saira said...

I love making different breads and love crescents, and garlic! Yummy...
I'm crazy obsessed with baking and cannot live without my mixer. I can't wait for the day I can afford a kitchen aid mixer!

Heather said...

I can't live without my blender! I drink green smoothies 5 days a week. I'm going to try a gf version of these rolls, wish me luck and thank you for sharing!

Cecilia Tran said...

I love the way they look and they seem so simple. Definitely going to try it one of these days. I love my tongs, the handiest tool out there.

anubhavati said...

Hi Aparna.

Been crazy busy last few months...I simply loved the simplicity of the Crescent rolls. They are so perfectly shaped...and yes I know you love that perfection...As far as my kitchen goes, although I live in the US, I LOVE my Crystal Rs 15 knife from Big Bazzar...its so awesome and I cant imagine life without it!!! The other thing is my zester!!!


anita said...

hi aparna,
the rolls look delicious-i will try them.
the gadgets i cant live without are my KitchenAid stand mixer and my toaster.
what r the the green smoothies someone mentioned.
i ran out of wheat four to make puris--I added besan to the little amount of wheat flour -thepla puri and they were great.
if i win i would love a coffee machine of ice-cream maker.

Carole R said...

I love your recipes. I will visit your blog often.

I cannot live witout my stand mixer or food processor.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these look good and kinda naan-like! I'll give them a whirl. I think the one item I use the most is my stand mixer.


cnuland said...

Those crescent rolls look delicious. My husband and I love all types of breads and I'm just starting to make more - I love that they're a bit healthier with the whole wheat.

For bigger appliances I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer. For smaller items, I'd say I couldn't live without a good set of knives (Cutco), a whisk and a microplane zester. The latter gets used for lemons, ginger, nutmeg ... you name it!

Tasty Eats At Home said...

These rolls look so pretty! My #1 kitchen gadget is my fry pan. Just got my hopefully-will-last-a-lifetime Emerilware pan!

Sharon said...

My mini food processor is my one can't-do-without, and I also love my silicone scrapers.

Your rolls look delicious!

Jayashree said...

There are two things I cannot do without - one is my coffee filter (can't stand instant coffee) and the other is my mixie.

Aparna S Mallya said...

Hi Aparna,

I tried this recipe last weekend. Just blogged about it.
The bread came out great and we enjoyed eating it!

cumincoriandercardamom said...

One thing i cannot live without is my Mixie!!

Anjana Sivaraman said...

Hey Aparna,
I tried out this recipe with italian herbs and it came out well, its a great recipe!
Thank you!
I would like to participate in the CSN sweepstakes. The most valuable tool in my kitchen is my Knife set, but if we are talk about the most valuable gadget, I would say my Laptop, because ultimately knowledge is your best friend in the kitchen.
My email address is :

Shobana said...

hi aparna,

how many rolls does this recipe yield?

Two vital gadgets in my kitchen are my mixie and pressure cooker. Without these two, my cooking comes to a screeching halt.


Aparna said...

Shobana, I've mentioned in the post above that this recipe yields 24 small crescent rolls.

Aparna S Mallya said...

Aparna, the rolls have given me so many lovely comments! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am visiting your site for the first time and I found it awesome.The crescent rolls looks yummy
For the little gadget I can't live with is my mixer/blender

Happy said...

I am visiting your site for the first time and I found it awesome.The crescent rolls looks yummy
For the little gadget I can't live with is my mixer/blender

Debbie said...

I couldn't live without my Kitchen Aid mixer but as far as a small gadget goes, I love my microplaner.

MsC said...

Your crescents look yummy!

My favorite kitchen item is my Trudeau all-silicone spatula. No seams, completely covered in silicone. I have 2, and I love them more than even my KA Mixer!!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Jennie said...

I love my dough whisk. It makes mixing up dough so easy. I also love my zester, though now that I have stopped buying citrus, I don't have much use for it.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Those crescent rolls look heavenly! And I love how classy they look even though they take hardy any time to make. I usually make a simple version of these for Thanksgiving. They are SO good!

The one thin I can't live without in my kitchen...hmm, well I love my KitchenAid of course. But the small gadget I love in my kitchen has to be my good knives. I don't have a complete set yet, but the nice ones I do have are just awesome. They make all the difference in the world!

Krissie said...

Those rolls look amazing. I shudder to think how they would look if I made them! My most-used appliance is my blender cause I love Smoothies and Margaritas!
CalifKitties (AT)

Michelle said...

Count me in! I need some more stuff!! :)

Mary J said...

Love Rosemary, garlic & olive oil, so
I'm sure these will be a hit for me.
Have bookmarked this page for future reference.
Enter me in your giveaway, please.
Thanks, kmjas1 (at)

Drew said...

I'm not very good in the baking department, but I might actually try your crescents! They look so good! I can't live w/o my toaster. I have toast and/or bagels each and every morning!
Pudyqat2 {at}

RJ Flamingo said...

Hi, Aparna! I'm just now getting back into the kitchen and baking again. What you said about not baking bread for awhile struck home for me, as I just baked 6 challahs for the Jewish New Year, and remembered how much I enjoy and missed it! Your rolls look lovely - I've never baked with 100% whole wheat flour, so I should give these a try.

I think my KitchenAid stick blender is the small gadget I couldn't do without - it's so versatile.

Miss our "chats" on Twitter & hope to find more time soon to be more "social"! xox

Joanna said...

I can't live without my mini food processor. I use it for everything from soup to nuts, literally!

I've been away from HBin5 for a while, but really need to get back to baking bread now that cooler weather is here! Your rolls look great!

bridgit said...

Wow, both your rolls and photos look great.
As for gadgets, I have to agree with you on the citrus reamer; it makes such a big difference. I have had a pressure cooker with a bad gasket for years and just yesterday I called the hardware store to get a new one. I think it will quickly become a household favorite, making quick work of whole grains and beans.

Cristie said...

Your rolls are beautiful, the shape is just perfect and the recipe looks very inviting.

I would pack my cast iron skillets with me if I could only take a few things, can't live without them.

Megan said...

I cant live without my good knives. I've never had a pressure cooker, maybe that's what I would get if I won...maybe. :)
Your crescents look inviting indeed!

Judy's Bakery & Test Kitchen said...

The crescents sound YUMMY!

Soma said...

I love these whole wheat rolls. I have been baking healthy with whole wheat or gluten free.

cannot do without my pressure cooker and blender.

Bonnie said...

I love my kitchen aid. It is about the only appliance that I use. I love doing things by hand.

These crescent rolls look so good. Such a pretty shape. Bread is the ultimate comfort food.

Aparna said...

Thans for all the lovely commnets on the whole wheat rolls.
And also for entering the giveaway.

This giveaway is now closed, and I shall announce the winner within a couple of days.

Danielle said...

wait wait....midnight...which time zone? cuz it's like....9:11pm on the west coast...does that count? LOL

Your crescent rolls sound amazing! I MUST try this recipe. And the exciting thing is...I have all the ingredients (even the fresh rosemary growing in the front yard.... disguised as huge "taller than me" bush!)

Aparna said...

Yes Danielle, your comment counts. My mistake, so this giveaway will be open for another 3 hours. :)

NIDHYA said...

Adorable crescent rolls, that too with garlic, mmmmm yum yum.. Can't wait to try this bread.

Awesome posts and glad to follow you.

Visit me sometime.

veena krishnakumar said...

Hi aparna
have baked this and blogged about it here

It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!family loved it. Thanks for sharing