December 12, 2007

Home-made Chocolates

I was just going through some of the recipes in my collection when I came across a recipe for making chocolates at home. This recipe is from an old newspaper cutting dated 1991! My daughter was looking over my shoulder just then and she wanted the both of us to make some. So our chocolate making project was born.
I have made these before and they are not too difficult to do. The ingredients are also easily available. The dough and filling can be made a little ahead, refrigerated, and assembled after a day or two.
If you are looking for the taste and feel of regular chocolates, you may be disappointed. But if you approach these with an open mind and without preconceived “chocolatey” notions, you will be pleasantly surprised. If it is any consolation, these chocolates are a bit lower in calories as there is hardly any added fat in this recipe!

The full taste of these chocolates come through the day after they are made. They keep and so are ideal for gifting and do not need refrigeration.
This is what you need and here is how to make them. The amounts given here are small so you could try making the chocolates in small quantities before proportionately increasing the quantities for larger batches, should you wish to.

For the milk chocolate:
2 tbsps icing sugar
1 tbsp milk powder
2 tbsps drinking chocolate
1 tbsp cocoa powder
½ tsp lemon juice

Sieve all the dry ingredients so there are no lumps left. Add the lemon juice and a little water (I suggest ½ tsp water at a time, or you could end up with something resembling frosting like I did the first time I made these) to make a dough which is a bit stiff but easy to knead. Cover with cling wrap and keep till needed. You may store this in the fridge and shape the chocolates the next day. The dough would need to be kneaded so it is smooth and easy to handle.
I used some of this dough to make plain moulded chocolates. I had some flower shaped chocolate moulds. I greased these with my finger dipped in oil/ butter. Then take small pieces of dough and press into the moulds, greasing your fingers if necessary, and smoothen the base. Leave the chocolates overnight (not in the fridge) to dry and then unmould the next day. Allow to dry for a few hours and then wrap in fancy foil if you like.

For chocolates with centres:
The centres need to be allowed to dry for about 5 hours before moulding into chocolates.

Coffee Centre:
(3-4 pieces)
1 ½ tbsp icing sugar
1 tbsp milk powder
½ tsp instant coffee powder (use more for a stronger flavour)
Mix into a dough with very little water and shape into 3-4 balls. Allow to dry.

Coconut Centre:
(6-8 pieces)
1 ½ tbsp icing sugar
1 ½ milk powder
4 tbsps dessicated coconut (I used fresh coconut, pulsed once in the blender)
A drop or two of colour (optional)
Mix into a dough with very little water. If using fresh coconut, you don’t need water as the coconut would be wet enough. Shape into 6-8 balls and allow to dry.

Marzipan Centre:
(4-6 pieces)
2 tbsps icing sugar
1 tbsp milk powder
3 tbsps almond or cashewnuts, blanched and ground
A drop or two of colour (optional)
Mix into a dough. This does not need water. Shape into balls and allow to dry.

To assemble:
Take a bit of the milk chocolate dough and press and shape into cups. Put in the desired filling and cover with the chocolate dough, pinching together the joints and roll between palms to smoothen. Lightly grease your palms if needed. Allow the chocolate balls to dry for a few hours and place in paper cups or wrap in decorative foil and pack as desired. They are ready to be eaten. My pictures do not really do them justice.
Happy Chocolate Making!!

This is going across to Bindiya for My Favourite Things- Chocolate. I am also sending this in to Deepz for January's JFI- Chocolate.


bindiya said...

7This is so out of the world!,home-made chocolates! wow!, superb entry for my event, Thanks dear and hugs to you!!!

Laavanya said...

My dad used to make home-made chocs that we loved. I love the idea of a coffee filling!

Happy cook said...

Wow you made home made chocolates and they look delicious.

remya said...

wow!!! superb..homemade chocolates....grt dear....

Susan from Food Blogga said...

What a lovely assortment of chocolates. You must have quite a collection of pretty molds.

Rajitha said...

wow! they look so yummy...u are right about having pre-conceived notions before trying things..will send this to my sis to try with her kids :)

easycrafts said...

Super looking home made chocolates...a must try for chocolate lovers like me

Nags said...

wow! this looks super yummy! i loooove home made chocs!! or any chocs for that matter

aparna said...

I know, I am always for chocolate in most forms. Liquer chocolates are the exception for me. Cannot stand them.

Shella said...

Wow that is one awesome recipe. I am surely going to give it a try. I love the way your chocos look, especially with the coconut center. Thanks

zlamushka said...

What a gorgeous home-made chocolate. I love the shapes.

jayasree said...

Wow,ur chocos look really fabulous. I am bowled over the simple ingredients you have used. I am going to try this at the earliest. Thank for such a simple recipe for home made chocos

kavita Naik/Parxencar said...

Hi Aparna, I visited ur blog n found it interesting especialy d home made chocolates, n to add to it u r in Goa----my sweet home town,It's just been a month I have come frm Goa , presently in US, I m missing GOA, tc nkeep d gud job said...

I stumbled across this blog purely by accident, but I am glad I did.You have an amazing collection and I will surely be back to read more.I cant find an option that says follow this blog but will surely leave my email ID behind for updates.

Home made chocolates sounds great I will definately try this recipe out.