February 21, 2008

Spiced Baby Potatoes with Sesame Seeds

This is another of those dishes which features on our menu at home, quite frequently. It is one of Akshaya’s favourites and she loves it with chappatis. I do not remember when or how I came up with this recipe but this combination of steamed/ cooked potatoes coated with spices and sesame seeds is tasty and very easy to put together.

This time I made it with baby potatoes but I usually make it with regular sized potatoes, each cut into 4 -6 pieces.

Spiced Baby Potatoes with Sesame Seeds


1 kg baby potatoes

1 ½ tbsp white sesame seeds

1 ½ tbsp black sesame seeds( you may use only white or only black sesame seeds instead)

¾ tsp kashmiri chilli powder

1 tsp cumin seed powder

¼ tsp turmeric powder

¼ tsp asafetida powder

salt to taste

1 sprig curry leaves

2 tbsp oil


Cook the potatoes (boil, steam or microwave) till well cooked but firm and not mushy.

As I mentioned above, you can use larger potatoes cut up into chunks, either before or after cooking them. I usually peel the potatoes, cut them up and then microwave them at 100% for 7 -8 minutes.

Now add the salt, the turmeric, chilli and cumin seed powders to the potatoes and gently mix well so that the potatoes are evenly coated with the salt and spice mixture.

In a pan or wok, heat the oil. Turn down the heat to medium and add the sesame seeds. Stir and when they start popping, add the asafetida powder and curry leaves. Stir once (do not allow the asafetida to burn) and add the spiced potatoes. Mix well so the potatoes are coated with the sesame seeds. Continue cooking on low to medium heat for another 5 -10 minutes so that the potatoes become a little crisp. Take off the heat, dish and serve warm as an accompaniment to chapathis or rice.

These little potatoes are going to grace DK's The Potato Fe(a)st,

and to Sia's Ode to the Potato,

as well as The Potato - A Blog Event at Eating Leeds.


sandhya said...

looks beautiful with those cute baby potatoes... who wouldn't love these.. first time here.. you have a great blog..

Seena said...

...melting potatoes,soo delicious!!

Sig said...

That is a great looking dish Aparna.. Baby potatoes are so much better looking that regular ones:)

Madhu said...

Potatoes looks cute and yummy.

Sia said...

i was drooling at the pic u sent but here the enlarged pic has blown me away:) thank you for sending this awesome entry:)

Asha said...

I love those baby potatoes, so cute. Great entry Aparna!:)

Happy cook said...

Love the dish. I would be happy if i can pick up all those lovely small potatoes and eat them like that :-)

remya said...

cute potatoes with sesame seeds....love them...i make the same with sliced potatoes and bake them in oven....

DK said...

OMG! The pic blew my mind away! The baby potatoes luk so gorgeous! I kept luking at the pic you sent for a good 5 min and got hungry :)- went had lunch and now back to replying :) Good one aparna..Thanks for sending it my way :)

Vanamala said...

Nice pic !! This is Tilwale Aloo rite!! I was planning to make this weekend ..... Your method is excellent.

bbaking said...

wow this looks fantastic! one question, what is asafetida powder? Is there something else I can use instead? (ok that was 2 questions!

Dhivya said...

wow..great entry..potatoes looks yummy and cute..keep rocking remya..

Aparna said...

Asafetida is a strong smelling hard resin from a plant originally from Iran, and used extensively in Indian cooking.
Nowadays it is available in a easy to use powder form. Asafetida has digestive properties and lends a unique flavour. Originally used by communities (Jains, Brahmins) which did not use onions and garlic for a somewhat similar flavour in food.
I am not aware of a substitute for asafetida.
It should be available in Indian stores and online.
This recipe can be made without the asafetida powder. It still will taste good.
Below are a couple of liks with more info.

Aparna said...

Glad to know the "baby" potatoes are much appreciated. :)

Not quite Tilwale Aloo, but my version of it.

Deborah said...

I have never had potatoes with sesame seeds - they sound delicious!

zlamushka said...

fabulous entry. I love little potatoes.

zlamushka said...

Btw, I really like your blog and all the recipes. I have blog rolled you on my site, hope you do not mind.

Aparna said...

Glad you like my blog and appreciate being blogrolled, Zlamushka.

Rosie said...

Oh my - melting potatoes very, very delicious and what a fabulous entry!

Rosie x

Alex said...

Gorgeous looking dish ... I love potatoes with Indian spices - they seem to go together so well!

Revathi said...

i tried it. it was great. Thanks. Simple but amazing.