October 23, 2007


This is a collection of breads that a group of food bloggers bake with me every month. We explore all kinds of yeasted breads. While all of us stick to one basic recipe, we bake the variations that suit our indidvidual tastes. Links to all the breads baked each month can be found at the end of my post for the month.


JANUARY Pane Siciliano (Sicilian Sesame Seeded Semolina Bread)

FEBRUARYBlack Forest Buns

MARCH - Kummelweck (Kimmelweck)  Rolls & A Vegetarian Weck Sandwich

MAY -  Orange And Cinnamon Swirl Bread 

JUNE - Maritozzi Con La Panna (Roman Cream Buns)

JULYTingmos/Ting Momos (Tibetan Steamed Buns)

AUGUST - Mexican Cemita Buns 

SEPTEMBERYeasted Banana Sandwich Bread

OCTOBER - Barmbrack or Speckled Bread – Irish Halloween Fruit Bread/ Cake

NOVEMBERSpiced Pumpkin Bread Rolls For Thanksgiving

DECEMBERKrendel (Pretzel Shaped Russian/ Ukrainian Fruit Filled Bread)


 JANUARY - Focaccia Caprese (Focaccia Topped With Tomatoes, Mozarella & Basil)

FEBRUARY - We Knead To Bake #14 : Ciabatta Rolls (Bake Your Own Bread)

MARCH - We Knead To Bake #15 : Japanese Melon Pan (Crunchy Cookie Covered Bread Rolls)

APRIL - We Knead To Bake #16 : Flaounes (Cypriot Savoury Easter Cheese Pies)

MAY - We Knead To Bake #17 : Petit Pains au Lait (French Milk Bread/ Rolls)

JUNE - We Knead To Bake #18 : Komaj  (Persian Date Bread With Turmeric & Cumin)

JULY - We Knead To Bake #19 : Gibassier ((A French Anise & Orange Flavored Loaf)

NOVEMBER - We Knead To Bake #22 : Sheermal/ Shirmal (SaffronFlavoured Flatbread)

DECEMBER - We Knead To Bake #23 : Julekake or Julekaga (Norwegian Cardamom Christmas Bread)


JANUARY - Herb & Cheese Pull-Apart Bread Loaf

FEBRUARY Classic Croissants

MARCH - Hokkaido Milk Bread With Tangzhong

APRIL - Torcettini di Saint Vincent (Sugar Crusted Twisted Cookies from the Valle d’Aosta)

MAY - Bialys (Chewy Rolls Topped With Caramelised Onions)

JUNE - Baked Yeasted Doughnuts (Regular, Glazed or Filled)

JULY -  A Savoury Kugelhopf

AUGUST - Crunchy Hard Pretzels With Spicy Garlic & Herb Cheese Sauce & Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce

SEPTEMBER - Khaliat Nahal (Honeycomb Buns or Bee’s Hive Buns)

OCTOBER - 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

NOVEMBER - Kanel Snegle/ Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Snails/ Rolls)

DECEMBER - Bienenstich Kuchen (German Bee Sting Cake)