Ribboned Finger Sandwiches
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  1. For the carrot butter: Mix together the grated carrot, mustard paste and half the softened butter, till well blended. Refrigerate till needed.
  2. For the herb butter: Grind the onion, coriander leaves, the mint leaves, green chillies, lemon juice and a little salt to a fine paste. Mix this with remaining half of the butter till well blended. Refrigerate till needed.
  3. You may use any herb/ combination of herbs to prepare a herb butter to suit your taste.
  4. For the sandwiches: Take three slices of bread. On one slice, spread the herb butter. Cover with the second slice and spread the carrot butter. Cover with the third slice of bread, remove the crust and cut the sandwich in the middle. This would give you 2 finger sandwiches.
  5. If you like beetroot (we donu2019t, not very much) then you can finely grate the beetroot and make beetroot butter also. Then you would have a three layer sandwich. Alternatively, you could mix some grated cheese, tomato ketchup and some butter for a spread. This particular ketchup variation sounds unappetizing, but kids (except mine, she doesnu2019t like ketchup) seem to like this.
Recipe Notes

The green layer of my sandwich doesn’t look very green because I finely grated the onion and added it instead of grinding it up with herbs. If you grind everything together, your sandwich will have a lovely green layer.

These ribbon sandwiches are being sent to be a part of Monthly Mingle, an event started by Meeta, and hosted this month with a theme of Appetizers Hors D’Ouevres by Manasi at Fun and Food