Gazpacho : A Chilled Vegetable Soup – My Version (GF, V)
I have also been a bit busy with various things, including some short trips out of Goa and my sister’s short visit with us, and have been blogging rather irregularly. So, here I am, after a short break.
  1. I had a sweet chilli sauce (a thick tomato based sweet sauce spiced with chilli flakes, usually used in Chinese cooking) and I used it instead of the chilli flakes and the sugar. I find that adding sugar balances the slight tartness of the gazpacho.
  2. Ensure that the vegetables and the vegetable stock are well chilled. You can chop the vegetables up and refrigerate them till you need to make the gazpacho.
  3. Put the cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, lemon juice, coriander, and 1/2 cup vegetable stock in a blender. Blend until a smooth mixture (very slightly grainy/ chunky) is obtained. Now add the remaining ingredients and blend till mixed.
  4. Serve immediately with bread, toast or sandwiches.
Recipe Notes

I am sending this gazpacho to No Croutons Required where this month’s theme is “berries in a vegetarian soup or salad” as tomato is really a berry.