The BloggerAid Cookbook: Helping To Change The Face Of Famine

Early this year, in March to be precise, I had written about BloggerAid Changing The Face Of Famine and their Cookbook Project.

"BloggerAid is a growing group of international food bloggers determined to make a difference in aid of world famine. The love of food and community that brings them together drives the compassion of its members to reach out to the world to help those less fortunate. Banded by a mission of helping to make a change in a world where starvation affects such a profound number of people, they will raise money and awareness for the hungry in communities both at home and abroad."

The first project was the BloggerAid Cookbook which was creating a cookbook to raise funds for the School Meals scheme of the United Nations World Food Programme. The idea was to invite food bloggers to contribute recipes to be published as a cookbook where 100% of the proceeds target children and education through the School Meals scheme.

The BloggerAid Cookbook: Helping To Change The Face Of Famine

I am very happy to tell you all that the BloggerAid Cookbook has been published and you can order your very own copy now. This cookbook is a collection of recipes from the kitchens of food bloggers in over 60 countries and you can also find my "Savoury Cashewnut Masala Cookies" in the book.

So please lend us, and the children who need it, your active support by buying one (or more) copies of this book. We at BloggerAid would also very much appreciate your support if you could spread the word on your blogs.

And here's where you can get your copy of The BloggerAid Cookbook.