Strawberry Blackpepper Sorbet (GF, V)

A sorbet has to be among one of the easiest frozen desserts to make. What can get better than putting all the ingredients in the blender, puréeing everything and sticking it in the freezer? A great dessert when the temperatures are rising slowly and the last place anyone would want to spend more time than necessary is the kitchen.

And it gets better when your dessert is not only bright and beautiful to look at, it is also low in calories. Well, the nutritional information accompanying the recipe says one serving is just 93 calories with 3% from fat. According to this source, the fat is from the strawberries! And these guys say strawberries can help promote weight loss.

Strawberry Blackpepper Sorbet (GF, V)

Be that as it may, what prompted me in the direction of this sorbet was my same old strawberry story! I had strawberries that needed using up. This particular recipe is from Cooking Light of June, 2005. I had earlier seen quite a few mentions of strawberries and black peppercorns being an interesting combination in desserts, and this sorbet seemed a good chance (and effortless way) to try it out.

I am not posting a recipe here, as I pretty much followed the original one but halved it (just halved it to make 6 servings) with no changes. All this sorbet requires is making a thin suagr syrup and steeping the black pepper in it for about half an hour. Then drain out the black pepper and blend the syrup, chopped fresh strawberries and a little lime juice till smooth. Freeze till set.

Let me just say that if you like strawberries (there are plenty of people who don't, and I was one of them till recently) and you don't mind a slight tang to your sorbet, then this one is definitely for you. As for the peppercorns, you can't really taste them except as a very slight after-taste at the end of every spoonful. It maybe a flavour that needs some getting used to, and personally I liked it.

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