Save Your Favourite Recipes From My Diverse Kitchen With Ziplist!


Save Your Favourite Recipes From My Diverse Kitchen With Ziplist!

This is a short post about a recent addition I have made to this blog, and it’s something that I thought I’d bring to your notice so you don’t miss it. A couple of weeks back, I added a Ziplist function to my blog, and this will now make it easier for you to save all your favourite recipes from this blog in one place.

A lot of blogs and food sites I know use Ziplist and it seemed like a good tool to add here at My Diverse Kitchen as well. So how does this work? It’s quite easy and I’ll explain it to you.

Save Your Favourite Recipes Create Your Shopping Lists

You may have noticed the blue coloured "Save Recipe" button at the top of the recipe section in my recent posts (I’m in the process of updating the older recipes/ posts with this feature) and if you’re new to ZipList here’s a guide to help you use this feature.

ZipList is a free service, and once you've created an account, clicking the "Save Recipe" button will allow you to save recipes from this site (and others across the web including Epicurious, All Recipes, Bon Appétit, Martha Stewart, etc) to your own personal recipe box and, add the ingredients to an online shopping list with just one click.

To access your "Recipe Box", just click on the Recipe Box link in the main navigation menu (next to Recipes) under the header of this blog. This will take you to your personalized recipe box and ingredient/ shopping list.

Save Your Favourite Recipes From My Diverse Kitchen With Ziplist!

When you find a recipe you want to try or save for later, click the "Save Recipe to ZipList" button.

A new window will pop up over the recipe and give you the option to add the recipe to your recipe box or add the ingredients to your shopping list (you may have to log in first)

Save Your Favourite Recipes From My Diverse Kitchen With Ziplist!

You'll always be able to access your recipe box and shopping list directly from this blog - just look for the links below the ZipList logo in the right sidebar.

If you're on a site that doesn't partner with Ziplist and doesn't have the "Save" button, you can always use the "ZipList Web Recipe Clipper" to save it to your Recipe Box.

You can search for popular recipes from ZipList's online partners and community user submitted recipes, and also filter them by publisher, ingredients, serving size, prep time, etc.

You can do all this not just on your desktop or laptop but also on your phone. Do also check out the “How It Works” page on Ziplist for detailed information.

I hope you will find this new feature useful in organizing your recipe collection and ingredient/ shopping lists in one place. Do try it out and let me know how you like it. Do also let me know if there's anything you would like different or if something can be improved.

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