By now, you all know that I love mangoes. I also happen to like mousse (especially chocolate), preferably made without eggs.

More Mango Madness : Mango Mousse (GF)

More Mango Madness : Mango Mousse (GF)

By now, you all know that I love mangoes. I also happen to like mousse (especially chocolate), preferably made without eggs. So when I saw Meeta's eggless mango mousse post and gorgeous pictures last month, I told her that her post reminded me that the mango season was on its way out here. She in turn, suggested that I make the most of what was left of the season and try out her mousse as well.

Now I believe one should always act on good advice if possible, so I was at the market the very next day buying mangoes! And made Meeta's mousse, and some other "mangoey" stuff.Meeta's recipe uses gelatin which we don't being vegetarian, so I left that out. One could use agar instead of gelatin but I didn't feel the need for it.

I substituted paneer for the Greek yogurt. We don't get that here and I was planning to use hung yogurt, but I had a little accident while making that. Let's just say I ended up with a mess I couldn't use!

The paneer gave me a nice consistency which made up for the lack of a jelling agent. I also added a bit of cardamom as I love cardamom especially when it's paired with mango. Otherwise, I followed Meeta's recipe. It would be a good idea to try her version, if you can find Greek yogurt and don't mind using gelatin.

More Mango Madness : Mango Mousse (GF)

I have made this mousse twice since and shall be making it again next mango season. Here is my version of Meeta's mousse for anyone who would like a mousse without gelatin.


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  • Coursedessert
  • Cuisineglobal vegetarian
  • Yield6 servings


Mango purée (I used fresh mangoes)
2 cups
Low fat paneer, crumbled
200 gm
2 tbsps
Powdered sugar (adjust to requirement)
1/3 cup
Fresh cream (25% fat), chilled
Powdered cardamom
1 tsp
Some chopped mango for garnishing


  1. Add the milk to the crumbled paneer and run in the mixer/ grinder till a smooth paste is obtained. Make sure this paste is smooth, as the slightest "grainy" feeling will ruin the texture of your mousse.
  2. Put this paste, mango puree, powdered sugar and cardamom in a bowl and beat, preferably with an electric mixer, till everything is well blended and slightly fluffy (about 2 minutes)
  3. In another bowl, beat the cream till it is stiff. Now gently and carefully fold this cream into the mango mixture till well blended. Serve the mousse into 6 medium glasses or bowls and top with chopped mango.
  4. Chill over night or for at least 5 hours. Serve. This recipe makes 4 to 6 servings depending on serving size.