Looking Back at 2010 – Some of My Favourite Photographs

The first post here, this year, and I was thinking it ought to a bit different from the usual. I wanted to do a sort of “wrap up” as the last post for 2010 but somehow I wasn’t able to put down anything that would have been worth reading. Instead, I ended the year on this blog with a sweet note.

One is usually advised to go forward and not look back, but can there be a future without a past? So I thought it would be nice to take one last formal peek into 2010 before getting on with 2011.

2010 was mixed year for me (and for most of you, I’m sure) and I have to confess I’m glad it is over. As far as this blog goes, it has been all good. I cooked a lot more, pushed the limits with culinary discoveries and put on a few more kilos which I don't need! I discovered some really great blogs, made more virtual friends and discovered just how generous many of them are. I also achieved some fame I could have done without

The past 3 or so years of writing this blog have made me realise that I thoroughly enjoy doing this. The one other thing that I have discovered through blogging and has become very much a part of my life is photography. I have learnt much about it in the past year and still have a long way to go. While photographing food is fun and very challenging (how many different ways can you photograph a brown lumpy looking cookie and have your viewers think it looks gorgeous?), there’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered through the lens.

While it is not easy to pick a favourite from one’s photographs, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my favourite photographs from 2010 with you. They may not be the best from a technical point of view but they are special to me for personal reasons. Many of you are familiar with my food photographs, and you can see my non-food photographs as well on my Flickrstream. For this post, I am sharing two of my photographs (one of food and one non-food) from each month of 2010. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

(A Friendly Face)



(Cape Gooseberry)


(Divine Light)


(Yellow Ixora)


(A Time To Fish)


(I Wonder.......)


(A Red Rose)


(Urban Development)




(A Lone Bench)


(Man And His Boat)


(A Butterfly)

Thank you for the comments about the new look here. I am happy to know that you all liked it as much as I do.

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