Hello! Welcome To This Blog

Hello! Welcome To This Blog

I am Aparna and welcome to this small virtual corner of mine, My Diverse Kitchen. I am the newest member of the food blogging community. I stumbled upon the world of food blogs while browsing for a recipe, some time back. Since then, I have been toying with the idea of sharing my experiences in my kitchen.

My daughter, the biggest fan of my cooking, has been after me to get going and even came up with the title for my blog. So, what would be a better day than today, Vijayadashami (Vidyarambham), to make a start in this direction? If that sounds puzzling, down in the South of India, Hindus believe that Vijayadashami the last day of the annual Navarathri celebrations to be an auspicious time to get started with new ventures.

We are a food loving family and as long as the food is vegetarian (we do eat eggs) and looks good enough to eat, we are willing to give it a try. We are rooted in our traditional Palakkad Iyer cooking, and this is what is at our table for most of our meals. Yet we love the variety of other cuisines and are quite enthusiastic about exploring them so you will also find vegetarian food from other parts of India  and the world over.

My regular cooking includes a lot of of our a traditional cuisine which in itself is quite diverse with recipes that have been handed down in the family, and some sourced from family, friends and cookbooks. You will also find many original recipes and others which have been adapted from various sources.  I have also come up with some originals, from cooking over the past few years!

One type of cooking which is not really traditional to India but has been adapted in many Indian regional cuisines through various influences both through trade and colonial rule is baking. I enjoy baking so you will find a lot of bakes on this blog, most especially breads.

I hope you will enjoy being here, exploring my blog and look forward to virtual conversations centred around food. Please feel free to step into my virtual kitchen and I would love to hear from you. You may write to me at a[parna[AT]mydiversekitchen[DOT]com](mailto:[email protected])

Thank you and here’s to Good Food. If you would like so know a little more about me and this blog, please see this post.