Exotic Teas From Basilur : A Review And A Giveaway!

Exotic Teas From Basilur : A Review And A Giveaway!

I come from a community where people take immense pride in the coffee they drink, and they are understandably so. Anyone who has tried a steaming hot, frothy and aromatic cup of South Indian filter coffee will never forget the experience.

While filter coffee does call out to me once in a while, for some strange reason, my brew of preference is tea. And I generally like my tea just the way most Indians like theirs - strong, somewhat milky but a little less sweet than the average Indian would like his or hers. Serve me tea with tea masala, and I like it even better. The only really sweet tea I like is Irani chai and that’s something else altogether.

You wouldn’t find me drinking the weak, mild and watery tea like Darjeeling (or D’ling as I’ve heard people call it) preferred by the English, drunk with a drop of milk. I couldn’t understand the craze for Green tea either, though I’m aware of all its excellent qualities. Give me a strong Assam style milky tea and it would be a good start to my day. There’s no other way I would drink my tea.

That was until my daughter went on a school trip to the North and came back with some tea from Kausani in the picturesque Indian state of Uttarakhand. I became a convert and a fan of the pale yellow tea sweetened with honey and some lime juice. I’m still not much of a non-traditional tea drinker but I’m definitely open to trying out new flavours of tea.

Moroccan Mint Tea

So when Basilur Tea (India) approached me to review their luxury brand of teas, I decided to give them a try. I would like to say right at the beginning here, that I don’t have a refined tea palate nor am I an authority on teas on the whole. This review is based entirely on my personal tastes.

Basilur teas are a luxury brand of 100% Pure Ceylon black green tea blends imported from Sri Lanka, and my package contained their summer tea offerings which are Summer Tea from their Four Seasons range, Moroccan Mint and Cream Fantasy teas. All the teas are available as loose tea in zip lock foil pouches packed in beautiful metal tin caddies or cardboard packs or as teabags in small cardboard boxes.

Exotic Teas From Basilur : A Review And A Giveaway!

The Summer Tea is a blend of organic Sencha green tea from Japan, and the best quality long leaf, high grown tea with a delicate flavor of fruits.

Exotic Teas From Basilur : A Review And A Giveaway!

The Moroccan MintTea is an aromatic, refreshing Ceylon Green Tea combined with the goodness of crisp and sweet Moroccan spear mint.

Exotic Teas From Basilur : A Review And A Giveaway!

The Cream Fantasy Tea is a sweet tea that blends tangy and delicate Chinese green tea with delectable sweet berries and tasty cream with a light base of flower petals.

The Moroccan Mint tea was something we liked given that we like mint and mint tea with a touch of lemon. We didn’t quite find the other two teas to our taste, though I must say the aroma of both teas could get addictive because they smelt like dessert! I must emphasize, once again, that this is probably because we’re not used to drinking fruity and flowery teas. Sri Lanka is famous for its teas, and these are definitely very good quality teas.

Exotic Teas From Basilur : A Review And A Giveaway!

Cream Fantasy Tea

Having said that, I think that both the Summer Tea and the Cream Fantasy Tea would also do extremely well as a base for Fruit Punches, Sorbets, Granitas, etc. Given that we’re going to see a rather hot summer this year, I’m definitely going to be putting these teas into summer coolers.

Basilur Teas are available in most of the larger stores in various Indian cities and also online at their site

And now for the good news – the giveaway! The people at Basilur Tea (India) have been generous to send me one box of 20 teabags in each of the above mentioned flavours (three boxes in all), to giveaway to my readers. So here’s your chance to try out Basilur tea for yourself.

So I will be giving away one box each to three lucky people who leave their comments at this post. Now I don’t usually ask people participating in my giveaways, to do anything more than leave a comment at my post. So that means no “likes” or “follows” or “subscriptions” to my blog or page or anything.

This time however, I am going to request that if you would like to be considered for this giveaway, please hop over to Facebook and “like” the Basilur Tea page there. So please go over to the Basilur Tea page on FB and “like” it. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me that you liked their FB page, and also which one of the three flavours of tea you would like to try out if chosen.

This giveaway is open till 25th of April, 2013 after which 3 lucky people will be randomly chosen to receive the teas. Please note that this giveaway is open only to Indian residents or those who have Indian mailing addresses.

Disclaimer : This review was done on request from Basilur Tea (India). Due judgement has been applied and I have done my best to remain objective and unbiased while writing this review. This review is my personal opinion so please exercise your own discretion.