Does My Blog Look Good in This? March 2013 – The Winners!


My apologies for the slight delay in posting the winners of last month’s Does My Blog Look Good in This? (DMBLGiT?) It’s just that with the Easter festivities and other things, my judges were a little busy. Despite all that, my panel of judges came through with the scores and I have to thank Radhika, Rosa,Harini, Sarka and Nashira for finding the time to fit this into their schedules, and Andrew Barrow whose brainchild this event is.

This latest edition of DMBLGiT? saw 81 submissions ( I know, that’s a really big number of participants), and my thanks go to all who participated this time. So we now have a list of winners. As you’re all aware, the judges pick 6 winners in all – 3 overall winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd), and then one winner in each category of Edibility, Originality and Aesthetics.

There’s also a Host’s Award where I get to pick one blogger/ photographer’s photograph that’s not the list of the judge’s winners, but I feel deserves an award.

Before I announce the winners, I thought I’d say something about how the judges arrive at their decisions and how the DMBLGiT? winners are chosen.

Andrew, who is the creator of this event, has put down definite criteria/ parameters according to which judges look at a submission and score it. The judges score a food photograph based on composition, styling, presentation, originality of the composition, exposure and the use of light, colours and props or the lack of them, the focus on the subject, etc. Each judge will also bring his/ her own unique view to the judging table, according to their particular preferences or perceptions about what they like in a photograph.

There tends to be some variation in the scores, naturally, but my experience as a host shows that the judges invariably end up picking the same top 10 scorers give or take a couple. Also, the final results are an aggregation of all the judges' individual scores and sometimes that means the results can go either way.

Here are this month’s winners. Hearty congratulations to you all! Please check your inboxes as you will soon be receiving your badges.

Overall First Place.

Karen Lowof Citrus and Candy.

And the judges said -

"Gorgeous side light, pretty dessert glasses and purple is unusually flattering. Beautiful.

Refined simplicity, lovely presentation and mood.

Technically appealing. Looks like a painting."

Overall Second Place
Soma Rathore of e-Curry
And the judges said -

"Beautifully rustic, moody and inviting. Props complement the “Vadas”. Semi-covering parchment creates interest.

Extremely edible, aesthetically sound and original in setting."

Overall Third Place
Pamela Rodriguez of Uno de Dos
And the judges said -

"Bright strawberries contrast well with chocolate waffles. Nice soft light and good usage of props in background. Delicate and dreamy.

All white is not very easy in terms of exposure, but this picture is makes it look easy. I like that I can see each and every white element exposed perfectly against a background of the same colour."

Winner – Edibility Category
Maike Klose of The Culinary Trial

And the judges said -

"Dark tones set off the beautifully piped orange frosting.

The drips of caramel make one want to pick up the cupcake.

Winner – Originality Category
Vania Sampareru of Adventurelicious

And the judges said -

"Gorgeous back lighting, lovely contrast of cream and brown, cups of different shapes and heights make it interesting, Garnishes make the dessert even more tempting.

Overall, a very beautiful photograph."

Winner – Aesthetics Category
Chinmayie Bhat of Love.Food.Eat
And the judges said -

"Beautiful simplicity, very natural fresh.

The focus is perfect and so is the lighting. It idoes not look staged and has a rustic appeal."

Host’s Award
Evi Abeler of Whip Click

I picked this photograph for a couple of reasons. I liked it most because it stood out as being different from all the other food photographs. I also liked the overhead shot, the almost art-like composition and presentation. The black background makes the orange colour "pop". There are no other props to add (or subtract) from the focus of the shot.

The next editon of Does My Blog Look Good in It? will be hosted by Puja of Indiaphile, so please keep a look out for her announcement post.
Before I sign off, I would like to request you all, if you can, to please sign up with Andrew to host future editions of DMBLGiT?, so that this event keeps going on and doesn’t die a premature death.

Thank you