Confetti Cupcakes for a Birthday Girl

Confetti Cupcakes for a Birthday Girl

It was Akshaya’s birthday on the 6th. We aren’t really celebrating anything these days and she just wanted to have a couple of friends over for tea, this birthday. I had promised to make her a frosted cake this year. This was a big step for me. I have baked any number of cakes but cutting them up, sandwiching them with buttercream and decorating them is an entirely new and frightening thing for me. After making a few Daring Bakercakes, I’ve lost a bit of that fear but realized that there are many things that can and will go wrong while decorating a cake! So I did make her a chocolate covered buttercream sandwiched cake, which I will post later.

So what else did she want? Lots of chips (the Lays kind) and fruit juice to drink (we avoid buying fizzy drinks)

And croissants. Croissants?

Ok. The thing is, for us here, bread is really not breakfast. Well, maybe on those occasional days when I’m not feeling good or we’re pressed for time, bread features in breakfast along with fruit, cornflakes and milk. Otherwise, bread sometimes is dinner with soup. Or for sandwiches at snacktime.

She wanted “plain” croissants, without chocolate or anything else! So I made some of those using the Danish pastry dough that was last month's Daring Baker's challenge

Then she wanted “white” cupcakes (as in no chocolate, because she's tired of chocolate cakes) with frosting! A bit of a surprise for me, because she doesn’t really like very sweet things and has never been very keen on icing/ frosting. But then Akshaya’s tastes in food (and clothes) have been changing quite a bit so I should have expected this.

So I decided to go searching for cupcakes to make and finally found the perfect cupcake at Baking Bites. Baking Bites is a great blog if you’re interested in baking and Nicole has a wonderful variety of baking recipes.

Confetti Cupcakes for a Birthday Girl

I chose to make Nicole's Confetti Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting. I especially liked the idea of a frosting without butter. I kept to the original recipe, but used honey in place of corn syrup, vinegar instead of cream of tartar and reduced the sugar for the frosting by ½ a cup as I find most frostings very sweet. The recipe is for 12 cupcakes and I got 14. I also had a little under half of the frosting left over (maybe I was meant to use more on the cupcakes)

Confetti Cupcakes for a Birthday Girl

The cupcakes were soft and very attractively speckled with colour. I've never tasted frosting like this and quite liked it. It was quite soft yet stiff enough in texture to hold its shape.

The evening ended with 4 very happily stuffed girls and 2 not so stuffed, but rather tired adults clearing up after them.

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