Coffee, The News, and Me - CLICK : January 2008 Liquid

Coffee, The News, and Me - CLICK : January 2008 Liquid

This month’s theme of Liquid for the Food Photography Event - Click, I think, is the most difficult of the themes so far. As a novice to photography, taking a good photograph of anything at all is difficult enough. A liquid has so many nuances to it that one has to be pretty good to capture this on film.

Then I had to figure out what liquid that I would want to photograph. My all time favourite drink is water. Soups are not really my thing. Tea is my poison though there are those occasional days when nothing but a cup of filter coffee will do.

I finally settled on my morning “cuppa” as my subject and me effort is what you see. I chose a black and white format this time. I know my picture could be better and perhaps it shall be some day! And yes, I do need those glasses to see better, not only to read the papers!!

This picture is being sent over to Jugalbandi for Click : January 2008 Liquid

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