Ice cream made without cream?

Cinnamon Almond Praline Ice cream (with no cream)

Cinnamon Almond Praline Ice cream (with no cream)

Ice cream made without cream?

When Sunita announced Cinnamon to be this month’s spice, I wanted to come up with something different. Most desserts have a fruit, especially apples, and cinnamon in some form or the other. In Indian cooking, cinnamon is used in north Indian cooking, but would not be a main ingredient, but used along with other spices as a part of garam masala or otherwise. Then the option was to bake something with cinnamon in it. So I spent most of December hoping a lightbulb would flash. It was only a couple of days back, while reading someone’s post about an entry sent in for the event, that I realized I didn’t have much time left.

So I came up with Cinnamon Almond Praline Ice cream!

The credit for the basic recipe I am using goes to my friend, Gauri, in Goa. Technically, this might not qualify for an ice cream as it has no cream!! No eggs either. But as far as I am concerned it is made from milk and looks and tastes like ice cream. So this is how I made it.


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    For the Ice cream:
    Milk (I used 3% fat milk) +
    1 litre ¼ cups
    Slices white sandwich bread
    Corn flour
    2 tbsps
    ¾ cup
    Powdered cinnamon
    1 ½ tsps
    For the praline:
    Chopped/ coarsely ground almonds
    ¾ cups
    ¼ cup


    1. Praline:
    2. Toast the broken almonds and spread over a greased cookie sheet or piece of foil. Dissolve the sugar with 1 tbsp of water and boil till a one thread syrup forms. Pour this over the almonds and allow to cool and set. Break the praline into smaller pieces.
    3. Ice cream:
    4. Cut off the crusts from the bread and powder in the blender. Pour the milk into a heavy bottom vessel. Allow to boil, then add the sugar and powdered bread, turn down the heat, and allow to simmer while stirring frequently till it has reduced a little and is thicker in consistency. Dissolve the cornflour and the cinnamon powder in ¼ cup milk and add to the mixture, stirring all the while. The mixture will thicken to a custardy consistency. Allow to cool. If the mixture is lumpy (it shouldn't be) then bled till smooth. Pour into a container and freeze. When frozen, take this out and beat well to break ice crystals and get a smooth consistency. Repeat twice more. Just before freezing the ice cream for the final time, add the praline pieces and mix well and then freeze. The ice cream is ready to be served.
    5. Serve the cinnamon ice cream with any sauce (chocolate would be good) of choice and decorate as you wish. Enjoy.

    P.S. This ice cream would not be as creamy in texture as regular ones (for obvious reasons). This is the first time I made this with cinnamon. I usually make it with fruit puree (mango is especially good) and the texture is creamier. If the milk is higher in fat content and the milk sugar mixture is reduced well, this ice cream turns out well.

    This goes over to Sunitha for Think Spice, Think Cinnamon

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