Black And White Wednesday #78 - The Gallery!


It’s been a week since I announced I was hosting this week’s Black and White Wednesday, and time to present this week’s gallery of photographs devoted to black and white food photography. My thanks to all who participated by sending in their photographs.

May I present to you the photographs that adorn this week's gallery?

Lemonade by Anisha

Apple Smoothie by Cinzy Johnson

Bread Dough by Deepali Jain

One Pair by Haalo

Meringue Cookies by Jasmina

The Street Vendor by Lata Raja

Apples by Meena

Rice by Nandita

Ms. Grindy by Priya Elias

Spring Radishes by Lynne Daley

Pantry Treasures by Rosa Mayland

Gnocchi by Sandra

Pane Cunzato by Sandra

Idli by Shri

More Idlis again by **Shri.

Stacked Egg Shells by **Aishwariya Bhavan.

Mushrooms by **Shruti.

Dough Crafting by **Tanushree.

Mini Cucumber and Tomatillo Stir Fry (Prep) by **Usha.

Mini Cucumber and Tomatillo Stir Fry by **Usha.

White Irises And Tuscan Kale by **Simona.

The Diner In The Dark by **Susan Wolfe.

Raw Almonds by Aparna.

I believe I have included all the photographs I received, in this gallery. If by some chance you sent me a mail but do not see your photograph here, I might have left it out by mistake. Please let me know and I will add it here.

The next edition of Black and White Wednesdays by Shruthi of Food Clicks. Hope to see you all there.