Baked Methi Muthias - Fenugreek Crackers

Baked Methi Muthias - Fenugreek Crackers

I enjoy having something savoury to snack on with my evening cup of tea. And if it is crunchy, I like it even better. Unfortunately, crunchy and savoury usually translates as deep-fried or very high in fat, which is definitely not good on a regular basis.

So I am always on the look out for healthy snacks which will satisfy my craving for “crunch” without the fat and all those calories.

I had bookmarked these Methi Muthias from Ashwini’s Food For Thought, sometime back but got around to finally making them just this week.

Muthias are a Gujarathi preparation of dumplings which are usually steamed or deep-fried. They are eaten with chutney or sometimes feature as in ingredient in other recipes.

I mostly followed Ashwini’s recipe and the only changes I made were to increase the flour quantities a bit, reduce the kasuri methi by ½ tsp, increase the amount of black pepper and I also added 1 tsp of sugar to offset the bitterness of the methi.

I also rolled out the dough and cut out rounds using a cookie cutter, hence the crackers.

These methi muthia crackers (for want of a better name) were crisp and very nicely flavoured with fenugreek with no bitter after-taste. I think they pair perfectly with my evening tea. If you are not used to fenugreek leaves (the dry leaves are much more bitter than fresh ones), these might not find favour with you. My version of Ashwini’s recipe is here

These crackers go to Kittie of Kittens in the Kitchen who is hosting Think Spice, Think Fenugreek this month.