Announcing Sugar High Friday # 69 : Bite Size Desserts

Announcing Sugar High Friday # 69 : Bite Size Desserts

It has been quite a while since I hosted an event here. Call me crazy or whatever, but I’m just about finding the time to post regularly on my blog, and perhaps the last thing I need right now is to take on blog related responsibilities. But how can anyone refuse an opportunity to host a blog event? It’s a bit of work, but I really enjoy checking my mail to see the wonderful creations that bloggers come up with for a foodie event.

So I am happy to announce that this month I am hosting Sugar High Fridays (aka SHF), Jennifer’s brainchild and probably one of the longest running events (since October 2004) in food blogdom. To quote Jennifer, SHF is “your best excuse to make something sweet and different, at least once a month, with tons of other people from around the world”.

Finding a “sugary” theme wasn’t easy considering 68 hosts before me have already freely exercised their choices, and very creatively at that. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, thought there a few sugar laden treats which I find difficult to resist. As I grow older (September also happens to be my birthday month), I find it very practical to go with the saying “good things come in small packages”, when it comes to desserts. It is also a good way to occasionally indulge oneself without feeling guilty about it.

So this month’s theme for Sugar High Fridays shall be “Bite Size Desserts”. For the purpose of this event, bite size desserts include any sweet dish or dessert made as small individual serves which can be eaten in 2 to 3 bites. This does not include single slice servings from a bigger dessert like cake or pie!

I must request that all SHF submissions be vegetarian (eggs and diary allowed), as I write a vegetarian blog.

To be a part of this sugar high ride all you have to do is…………

1\. Make a bite size sweet or dessert and blog about it between today and the 24th of September which is a Friday (It is Sugar High Friday, after all)

2\. If you do not have a blog, you can still join in. All you have to do is send me your post with recipe and picture (if possible) and I’ll include it in the round-up.

3. Please make sure you link your SHF post to Jennifer’s SHF page and this announcement. If you do not blog in English, please send me a summary of your SHF post in English so that I can understand what I’m adding to the round-up.

4\. Archived posts are welcome, provided you republish the post within the period of this event, with required link backs.

5. Please note that you may enter your SHF submission for only one more food blog event, if you so wish.

Updated (6th September, 2010): If you are sending your submission to another event also, I would appreciate a separate mail with your submission for SHF.

I have got a couple of submissions so far which are a bit confusing, as the same mail seems to have been sent to me and another event host.

Then send me an e-mail at aprna00[at]gmail[dot]com (please read this as aprna (zero)(zero)[at]gmail[dot]com) with SHF as the subject line and the following details -

1\.  Your name:

2\.  The name of your blog:

3\.  The name of your recipe and the url of your SHF post:

4\.  2 sentences describing your bite size sweet/ dessert:

5\.  Where you live (town/ city and country):

6\.  A 300px wide picture of your dessert, if possible:

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment at this post.

I haven’t been very visible at most blog events for a while now and it really has been due to a lack of time to spare. I hope you will not hold this against me, and look forward to seeing your bite size sweets and desserts here.

Please note the deadline for submissions is the 24th of September, 2010 and the round-up will be posted on the 27th. I usually respond within 3 to 4 days of receiving a submission. If you haven't got a response in this time, please write to me or leave a comment at this post.

Last month’s edition of SHF was hosted by Elise (17 And Baking) with the theme “Buerre Noisette/ Browned Butter”. She will be posting the round-up on the 10th of this month.

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