Announcing Black & White Wednesdays Week #37


Announcing Black & White Wednesdays Week #37

Black and White photography is close to my heart and to me it portrays character and emotions that are somehow never visible in the glory that is colour.

Ted Grant described this essence when he said, “When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in BW, you photograph their souls!” This pretty much describes all black and white photography for me.

When Susan announced, sometime back that she was going to post a weekly gallery of Black White food photographs, I thought it was time someone finally gave Black White food photography its due. And I am happy to help her guest host this edition of Black White Wednesdays here.

So, you are most welcome to join us here with your BW food photographs which I shall post on the 20thof June, 2012 (next week). Just see the “Rules” below to find out how.

Announcing Black & White Wednesdays Week #37

As per the rules of this event there aren’t too many restrictions about the kind of photograph you may submit. Your photograph/ photographs must be monochrome/ grayscale, which includes images with Sepia and Cyanotype tones in addition to the obviously well-known and traditional BW. However, BW images tinted with pink, purple, green, cobalt, etc., are not acceptable for this event.

Your photo needn't be only of food, but anything of a culinary nature, from a stack of dishes to a restaurant storefront. You can also submit more than one photo per week, but do ensure that the photos are distinct from each other so that the gallery will represent as much diversity as possible.

The Rules:

Post a (or more) black and white culinary image on your blog any time from the 12thof June to the 18th of June (both days included). It does not have to be posted on a Wednesday, as the event gets its name because the round-up is posted every Wednesday. In your post please link to Susan’s BWW page and to this announcement. The use of the BWW logo is optional.

Then e-mail a 500px wide version of your black and white photograph/ photographs to aparna[at]mydiversekitchen[dot]comalong with BWW #37 in the title field of your e-mail.

Also mention your name, the name of your blog, link to your BWW post and the title of your photograph in your mail.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, the 18th of June at 6:00 p.m. New York time (approximately 3:30am on Tuesday, Indian time). Please note I will not be able to entertain late entries, since I will be posting the round-up on Wednesday the 20thof June.

Looking forward to seeing your photographs in my inbox……

The previous edition was hosted by Cinzia and you can see last week’s BWW gallery on her blog

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