H ere’s the question.

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!

H ere’s the question.

Any ideas on what this could be? I'm sure everyone has the answer. It is edible and not of animal origin. This is still a vegetarian blog.


Now for the memes. Allergy Mom of the Allergic Kid and Lynn of Lynn’s Cooking Blog had tagged me for a “Random Things” meme some time back. I have already done a version of this meme. Two other bloggers tagged me for memes, one way back and the other pretty recently.

Before I go on with this post, let me warn you that this is going to be boring. Now, you can exit this page at this point or continue to torture yourself. You may want to find yourself a cup of tea/ coffee or something stronger to keep you awake if you choose to read on. Remember, I did warn you.

Since I have sat down to a non recipe post today I shall do both the memes here. I really can’t imagine why anyone would want to know about my dislikes. But Harini, the Sunshinemom of Tongue Ticklers did ask for this, so here goes.

As Harini herself said, hate is a negative emotion. I’m also not given to really hating but I do dislike many things, though I’m not sure I can find 10 dislikes!

1. I dislike hypocrisy. And I find it difficult to understand why people have to pretend to be something they are not. There is a dignity in being oneself.

2. I dislike having to make small talk and I’m terrible at it. So you know I’m not very good party material.

3. I cannot stand cockroaches. That’s not to say I like other vermin. Its just that I’m extra paranoid about you know what (as they keep saying in the Potter books). So if you are passing by close to where I am and hear an unearthly shriek (this doesn't happen very often, thank God), you know what I’ve (it could have been my daughter too) just laid my eyes on!

4. I don’t like having to pick up after others as much as I hate untidiness. Having to search for things drives me mad.

5. I dislike messily presented food and will not eat it even if it is ambrosia. I might change my mind on this if I didn’t have anything else to eat, who knows.

6. I don’t particularly like (and will avoid them if I can do it without making a fuss) dishes cooked with chenai (yam), vazhaikkai (raw plantain), chakkai (jackfruit), to mention a few. Difficult to believe I belong to Kerala, isn’t it?

7. I used to dislike people asking me why I stayed at home doing nothing (?), when I could be going to work doing some thing worthwhile. I stopped being bothered a long time ago. If those people cannot figure out that I was lucky to make such a choice and am actually happy with it, it’s their loss.

This is tough. It’s almost like figuring out answers to exam questions! I did try very hard with this one.

And this is where I hand in my answer paper!

The request for this Book meme came from Nidhi of Sizzling Bites. For this meme, one picks up the nearest book and opens it to page 123, finds the 5th sentence and posts the next three sentences.

If I picked up the nearest book, we would all get a lesson in Human Resource management, which I can assure you we don’t want.

So I went to the bookshelf and picked out one at random. So here is what follows the 5th sentence on page 123 in it.

1. I had brought the story to Morrie this morning because I wondered if Turner ever found himself in my old professor’s position, his breath disappearing, his body turning to stone, his days being crossed off the calendar one by one – would he really be crying over owning a network?

2. “Its all part of the same problem, Mitch”, Morrie said.

3. “We put our values in the wrong things and it leads to very disillusioned lives.”

This is an excerpt from "Tuesdays with Morrie – an old man, a young man and life’s greatest lesson" by Mitch Albom.

I have read the book, of course, and seen the movie in which Jack Lemon was brilliant as Morrie, Mitch’s former professor. The movie had me in tears and I very rarely cry watching a movie. Do read it if you can.

I have seen both these memes on so many blogs, that I’m not going to tag anyone.

The Awards:

For some time now, many fellow bloggers have been conferring this little blog of mine with various awards. They seem to think my blog is worthy of them (I would like to believe, naively perhaps). As far as I can see, most of these awards come with conditions attached to them, such as please pass these on to “x” number of bloggers and further conditions of linking back and forth. Fair enough, I guess this is all about spreading a bit of “link love” in a statistics driven blogger world.

I do not understand this business of conditional award conferring as it seems, to me, to defeat the very purpose of giving out a token of appreciation. Bee of Jugalbandi has a very interesting and humourous take on this.

Having said this, I believe that all those bloggers who passed on these awards to my blog did so in good faith because something on this blog appealed to them. My thanks to them all. As a mark of my appreciation of the awards given to this blog by fellow bloggers, I shall feature them here, but please do not misunderstand me because I do not pass them along.

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!

As I was writing this post, Bharathy of Spicy Chilli has passed a bouquet of the above 3 awards to me. Thank you Bharathy.

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!

And Harini of Tongue Ticklers has just passed on a "Blogging Friends Forever" award too.

Truly appreciate the gesture, Harini.

A Question, A Couple of Long Due Memes and Some More Awards!