May 21, 2014

Frozen Mango Yogurt With Cardamom

y last but one post also featured mangoes like this one, and if you look through the archives here, you will nd quite a few posts that feature mangoes. Its not my fault that its mango season here and its one of the few things that makes me feel happy about the summer.
The summer here has now reached a point where its uncomfortably hot, day and night. One of the beautiful things about Goa is the abundance of water whether as rivers or the sea. Unfortunately, it also means that we have to live with high humidity. Put together the heat of the summer and stickiness of living in a humid climate, and it means that our summers can get pretty uncomfortable.
However, the four months of an uncomfortably hot Indian summer is also the season for a huge variety of aromatic, golden, juicy and sweet mangoes. We try to make the most of this seasonal bounty, and there’s rarely a day during this season when we haven’t eaten a mango either as fruit or dessert, or drunk it as milkshake or lassi. Most Indians prefer to eat their mangoes as fruit and we ususally cook mangies (raw or ripe) mostly to preserve them.

Sometimes the heat of the summer makes one crave for all things chilled and if it came in the shape of dessert it would be even better so long as it was light and didn’t mean time in a hot and sweaty kitchen! That’s when something like a frozen yogurt makes sense and if it combines that King of fruits, it couldn’t get any better.

Yogurt is something you will always find in most South Indian homes because it is an intrinsic part of the cuisine. Most of us make fresh yogurt every day at home, and yogurt is one of the things you will almost always find in my fridge. Frozen Yogurt is probably one of the easiest things to make, as all you need to do is blend all the ingredients and freeze it, and it’s ready to serve.
You can add any fruit of your choice. When buying mangoes for Frozen Yogurt, look for ripe and sweet ones that are not fibrous. There’s nothing that spoils the Frozen Yogurt experience like getting fibre stuck between your teeth!

This recipe is the plainest version of Frozen Mango Yogurt you could make  and is more a set of guidelines that a recipe so feel free to work with them till you find what you like. You can substitute the cardamom with vanilla if you prefer. You can add a bit of dried and powdered ginger to it or substitute the sugar with honey. You could add some coconut milk to the yogurt, or even some pineapple along with the mango for a different flavour.

Frozen Mango Yogurt


 800ml or a little over 3 cups of plain yogurt  
Powdered sugar to taste
 2 mangos, peeled and chopped
 3 or 4 pods cardamom, powdered


Put all the ingredients in the jar of a blender and blend till smooth. Empty it out into a freezer safe bowl, cover and put it in the freezer. After about 45 minutes to an hour, take it out and whisk vigorously (or use a hand blender) to break up the crystals.
Put the yogurt back in the freezer. Repeat the whisking a couple of times at hourly intrvals for a smoother textured Mango Yogurt.

Let the Mango Yogurt freeze. To serve, scoop out the Mango Yogurt into serving bowls and top with chopped pistachios and mint, or serve it plain or however you like it.
This recipe should serve 6.