March 6, 2009

FIC: Painting It Orange – The Round-up (contd......)

This is the continuation of the round-up to the Orange edition of Harini's Food In Colors which was hosted here, this month. This post presents entries under the categories of Snacks/ Tiffin, breads, Cakes and Sweets & Dessert.


Carrot Dosa from Jayasri of Samayal Arai (Bristol, U.K.).This traditional dosa takes on an attractive orange hue from the carrots in it and is served with mint chutney.

Elekosu(Cabbage/Pattagobi) Rotti(roti) from Archy of Archy's Recipe Book (Kansas, U.S.). Her mother-in-law's recipe, this preparation combines coconut with the crispness of rice, spice of chillies, sweetness of jaggery, and the tang of tamarind.

Ribbon Pakoda from Shoba of Anubhavati-Tastes Of My Kitchen (St. Louis, Missopuri, U.S.). A traditional snack made from chickpea flour, this favourite very often features as part of festival food and is good as a carry along snack too.

Butternut Squash Fries from Tigerfish of Teczcape-An Escape To Food (California, U.S.). A low carb, low fat and guilt-free way to enjoy some very tasty and spiced fries. Couldn't get better than this, I guess.

Cauliflower Lollipops from Poornima of Tasty Treats (California, U.S.). Deep-fried spicy florets of cauliflower and hot tea can beat the blues when stuck at home on a miserable rainy evening.

Easy Bhujia Chat from Shoba of Anubhavati-Tastes From My Kitchen (St. Louis, Missopuri, U.S.). This snack is the result of trying to find that perfect balance between healthy and snacking when cooking for her family.

Pav Bhaji from Aquadaze of Served With Love (Singapore). This popular Indian street food, which is a spicy mixture of vegetables served with bread rolls, started as a quick fix lunch for Mumbai textile mill workers on a short lunch break.


Orange Cranberry Scones from Sowmya of Creative Saga (Singapore). Memories of making scones during school vacations and an abundance of oranges resulted in these very colourful scones.

Eggless Carrot - Cranberry Muffins from AnuSriram of Chandrabhaga (U.S.). These moist and spiced muffins are delicious and healthy too.

Sweet Potato Roti from DK of Culinary Bazaar (U.S.). Made from a friend's recipe, these flatbreads are the yummiest she's ever had and she describes them as "moist, delightfully chewy and tasting like heaven".

Carrot Buns from Renuka of Fusion (Tamilnadu, India). She baked these delicious buns in an effort to wean her kids away from their preferred chocolate bakes.

Banana Apricot Muffins from Cristie of Edible Antics-Having Fun With Food (Wisconsin, U.S.). She baked these muffins for son's kindergarten class where the school requirement was for a healthy treat that was low-fat and low-sugar and the kids only demand was for taste!


A Carrot And Orange Cake from Asha of Aroma (U.S.). A very moist cake, flavoured with orange juice, with an unusual spice twist in the form of fennel seeds, topped with orange cream cheese frosting.

An Orange Cake With Orange Glaze from Jayashree of Sinful Indulgence (Bangalore, India). A great way to use up those extra oranges, the best part of this tea time cake is the Orange glaze!

A Tutti Fruitty Cake from Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures (Belgium). This adaptation of a bookmarked recipe turned out a soft and beautiful cake full of candied tutti fruity.

An Orange Almond Torte from Greg Henry of Sippity Sup- Serious Fun Food (Los Angeles, California, U.S.). He collects recipes and will beg, borrow and occasionally steal them! Having tolerant friends helps and this recipe for a flourless, butterless torte is from one of them.

A Carrot Cake from Andreea of On (Glorious) Food And Wine (Brussels, Belgium). Although used to carrots in savoury preparations, a sudden craving for carrot cake got her baking the perfect carrot cake.

A Lactose-free Orange Roulade from Ivy of Kopiaste (Athens, Greece). She made this roulade especially for this event and kept improvising as she went along to make a beautiful roulade with an original recipe.

An Orange Cake from Poornima of Tasty Treats (California, U.S.). This is one cake she bakes frequently and it is light, spongy and delightfully flavoured with orange.


A Persimmon Maple Syrup Salad from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes (Paris, France). This delicious salad has just two ingredients and makes for a very healthy dessert.

Mango Kesari, also from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes (Paris, France). This is a semolina dessert which is normally made without fruit. This mango version was quite a hit with her family.

Butternut Squash Halwa from Medha of Cook With Love (Canada). The natural sweetness of butternut squash lends itself very well to this twist on a traditional Indian sweet.

Carrot Halwa from Hemamalini of Salt To Taste (New Jersey, U.S.). As she says, this is one dessert where the colour of the carrots lends itself beautifully to the finished, fragrant preparation.

Rawa/ Sooji Kesari from Vidhas of Appetizing Recipes (Chennai, India). One of her favourites, this sweet is also her mother-in-law's signature dish.

Gajar Halwa from Trupti of Recipe Center (U.S.). Here is one more carrot halwa and this is Trupti's version. I guess its is obvious how popular this dessert is.

Boondi Laddooos from Sanika of Spicy & Tangy.....Sweet & Yummy!!!! (Sheffield, U.K.). These chickpea flour fritter balls can be a bit labour intensive, but are every bit worth the effort.

Rawa Kesari (Sojji) from Sukanya of Sukanya's Musings (Singapore). This sweet made from rawa (semolina) is usually very rich, but this a low-fat yet tasty version of the original.

 Microwave Oats-Mango Kheer from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes (Paris, France). Here kheer, the traditional Indian pudding-like dessert, gets healthy with a very novel addition of fibre rich rolled oats.

Amaretti And Blood Orange Semifreddo from Anne (Food Froggie) of A Food Froggie In Paris (Paris, France). A perfect yet light way to end a dinner, this half frozen mousse dessert is made from scary sounding but elegant looking Blood Orange.

Jackfruit And Banana Halwa from Lakshmi of Taste Of Mysore (Singapore). Made from two fruits which are favourites with her family, this fudge like confection is easy to make and retains the fruit flavours.

Gajarachi Kheer (Carrot Kheer) from Preeti of Khaugiri. Another preparation that makes the most of carrot season here, this dessert is also a good way to get younger children to consume milk and carrots.

A Pumpkin Crème Brulee from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes (Paris, France). A classic French dessert made of a rich custard base with a caramelized sugar layer on the top, this version is made with pumpkin puree.

Ravai Kesari from Vidya of Vidya's Creations (Virginia, U.S.). She and her husband have confirmed sweet tooths (or should I say teeth?) and this semolina sweet is one of their more frequent desserts as it can be made very quickly.

Kadalai Paruppu Poornam from Jayashree of The Rapturous Raconteur (Mumbai, India). She loves this sweet preparation so much that it represents comfort food to her. The name "poornam" in some Indian languages means completeness and that is what Jayashree feels this dish is.

Gajar Ka Halwa/Carrot Pudding from Preety of Preety's Kitchen (Fremont, California, U.S.). Rich in dry fruits and nuts, This traditional pudding also happens to be her all time favourite.

Bhoondi Laddoo from Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles (Germany). She learnt to make these home-made balls of little chickpea fritters and sugar from her sister-in-law and was surprised at how well they turned out.

Kesari from Kayal of Kayal's Kitchen (Bangalore, India). Several attempts in the kitchen, and perseverance finally paid off as she finally mastered the art of making this delicious semolina sweet.

Avalakki Pineapple Kesaribhath (Beaten Rice Pineapple Kesaribhath) from Sushma of Savi-Ruchi (Singapore). A low fat pineapple flavoured version of this traditional sweet is what she makes to cater to her husband's sweet tooth.

An Orange Carrot Frozen Yogurt from Yasmeen of HealthNut (Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.). Fresh carrot and orange juice make this healthy frozen dessert even more delicious, as was proved by her little boys polishing it off with the strawberry cobbler the yogurt was served with.

Some Mini Peach Tarts, also from Yasmeen of HealthNut (Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.). These delightful little tarts contain the goodness of butter and are topped with a soiced peach filling.

Gaajar Halwa from Ankita of A Veggie's Cookbook (Virginia, U.S.).Another version of the hugely popular (as you would have realized by now) Indian dessert made of carrots, sugar and milk flavoured with cardamom.
An Orange Lime Granita from Sukanya of How Am I Doing? (New Jersey, U.S.). Watching a lot of chefs, especially Giada De Laurentiis, on the Food Network inspired her to create this granite from her favourite punch recipe.

Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) from Lubna of Yummy Food (Bangalore, India). This moist and warmly coloured dessert is truly celebratory fare.

Gajar Ka Halwa from Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers (India). One more carrot halwa (dessert) but this version is low-fat and vegan and comes from the creative brain behind this event.

And with that, we come to the end of this Orange edition of Food in Colors. See you all the next edition of FIC at Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes, where Priya has chosen "Pink" to be the colour for March.

Given the number of entries, I might have just inadvertently left out someone from this round-up. So if you have sent me a mail for this event, and your name isn't here, please leave a comment at this post and I shall add you to the round-up at the earliest.


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