October 3, 2008

WBB: Grains in my Breakfast - The Round-up

Every food event in blogosphere is incomplete without a round-up. So may I present to you all the round-up to Nandita’s Weekend Breakfast Blogging which I guest hosted in September?
It wasn’t easy picking a theme, because everytime I would come up with a fantastic idea, I would find that a previous host had announced it. So I finally came up with this theme, announced it and then found that Suganya of Tasty Palettes had just announced Whole grain as her theme for JFI. Well, I guess great minds do think alike. :D

This round-up features 51 (and one of mine) wonderful healthy and tasty recipes cooked for breakfast in kitchens across the world. Most of them are easy enough to make so do try them out and add variety to your breakfast. These breakfast recipes have not been presented in any particular order.

Nandita of Saffron Trail (Mumbai, India) and the brain behind this event sent in some Poha Idlis. This recipe is her secret to white, soft and fluffy idlis. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the pictures she had taken of her idlis and promises to update her post with new pictures the next time she makes them.

Jayasree of Experiments In Kailas Kitchen (Kerala, India) cooked up some spicy and crisp Corn Methi Adai which she likes with powdered jaggery. She has been experimenting, successfully, by replacing wheat and rice with cornmeal in many traditional dishes.

Mansi from Fun & Food CafĂ© (California, U.S.) cooked up some Wholegrain Blueberry Pancakes. Her best pancakes ever, these are full of the goodness of whole grain and fruit. As Mansi herself asks, “What could be more healthy, tasty and beautiful at the same time?”

Srimathi (Foody Guru) of Few Minute Wonders (San Diego, California) baked some Breakfast Cupcakes (Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Dry Fruit Muffin). She had some very ripe bananas and planned to use them in banana bread, but later decided to make some healthy egg free and nut free cupcake/ muffins instead.

Siri from Siri’s Corner (Washington DC, U.S.) made Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous. Cous cous is what Siri turns to when she wants an easily made, healthy and tasty meal whether for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

Meera from Enjoy Indian Food (U.S.) made some Quinoa Appe. These spicy grain and lentil pan fried dumplings are one of the many ways Meera uses quinoa in her cooking.

Meera also cooked up some Millet Chi Usal. She adapted her grandmother’s recipe which uses Jowar but substituted sprouted millet in this recipe.

Ivy from Kopiaste (Athens, Greece) turned Quinoa into a Fruit Salad for breakfast. She turns some yogurt, honey, fruits and this grain into a most unusual fruit salad.

Mints of Vadani Kaval Gheta (U.S.) made some egg-free Carrot Pancakes which she enjoys with maple syrup and fruit.

EC of Simple Indian Food (India) made Ragi Oatmeal Soya Dosas which are not only chock full of fibre but soft, tasty and very easy to make.

Soma of eCurry (Plano, Texas, U.S.) baked a Vegetable and Fruit Wholegrain Bread. Her bread is full of wholesome goodness from the wholegrain, vegetables, fruit and nuts in it.

PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds (moving to China) made Puttu and Kadala Curry. This happens to be one of her favourite breakfasts and if she can’t make it at home, she orders it from a restaurant.

PJ also sent in a Ragi Porridge (Infant Food) which is her little one’s breakfast. Also called finger millet, Ragi made into porridge is an extremely nutritious food for weaning babies.

Shellyfish of Musings From The Fishbowl (France) cooked up a Multigrain Porridge. One of her standard multigrain breakfasts, she equates this porridge with “soft and fuzzy flannel pajama pants - not terribly sexy, but comfortable, cosy and familiar”.

Susan of Food Blogga (San Diego, California, U.S.) baked some Healthy Muffins. Like Susan says, “healthy muffins are usually bland, rubbery, or dry” but not these ones. On the third take, she came up with the perfect recipe for healthy and tasty muffins.

Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf (New Jersey, U.S.) made some Wholewheat Bagels which she serves for breakfast with cream cheese or honey or her favourite pizza bagel.

Arundati of Escapades (Hyderabad, India) made some Whole Wheat Flour Pancakes. Her delightfully fluffy pancakes are absolutely egg-free.

Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi (North Western U.S.) baked a 100% Whole Grain Sourdough Rye Meteil. This bread, their first sourdough experiment, is a 40% whole rye and wholewheat bread delicately flavoured with onion and caraway.

Supriya of Queen of my Kitchen (U.S.) made Adai. She serves these savoury rice and lentil pancakes with tomato carrot chutney and zuke-a-mole.

Meeta of What’s For Lunch, Honey? (Weimar, Germany) made some Vegetable Millet Cakes. She used whole millet and vegetables to make these little pancake-like cakes for which she has plenty of serving suggestions depending on which meal of the day you plan to make them for.

Rupa of A Virtual Vegetarian (California, U.S.) made some Keenwah Khichadi. She replaced the sabudhana in Sabudhana khichadi with quinoa to come up with this mildly nutty flavoured breakfast.

Manuela of Baking History (Massachusetts, USA) baked a Prune and Walnut Whole-Wheat Loaf. This loaf is one her favourites for breakfast, spread with fresh cream cheese accompanied by a cup of strong black tea.

Alka of Sindhi Rasoi (Mumbai, India) made some Juar Do Dodo. This is a nutty flavoured Indian flatbread made from the flour of Jowar which is a sorghum-like grain.

Divya Kannan of …And A Little Bit More… (Washington, U.S.) has sent in three entries.
The first one is a Roasted Garlic Challah Bread. This challah contains no eggs as they’ve been replaced with flax seeds.

The next one is a Wholesome Bread Upma with Anaheim Chillies. Here she presents an Indian Upma with a fiery Mexican twist.

And the third submission is some Oats Dosai. These savoury Indian pancakes made of oats are crisp and full of flavour.

Arundathi of My Food Blog (India) baked a Whole Wheat Bread with Za’atar. Since she was baking a 100% whole grain bread for the first time she decided to keep it simple but spiced it up with Za’atar.

Priti of Indian Khana made some Dosas and Chutney. She serves this all time south Indian favourite with some chutney and ginger pickle.

She also served up some Wholegrain Pancakes. She had planned to make a Banana Bread when a recipe she had seen earlier made her change her mind and make these tasty pancakes.

Divya Vikram from Dil Se (Los Angeles, California, U.S.) made Methi Theplas. These are Gujrathi flatbreads with Fenugreek leaves and quite easy to make.

She also sent in some Whole Wheat Pancakes Without Eggs. As the name suggests these egg-free pancakes are fluffy and lightly sweetened with jaggery.

Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs made Banana-Berry Breakfast Cakes. Faced with the prospect of a half tub of strawberry yogurt sitting in her fridge, Ricki decided to revisit her childhood Sunday brunch memories with her vegan fruit pancakes.

Karuna of Foodie By Nature (San Diego, California, U.S.) made a “Desi” French Toast. She gave this regular French Toast and Indian twist by spicing it up.

Monika of Monika’s World and Thoughts (Bangalore, India) made Multigrain Chilla for Sunday breakfast. The secret ingredient in these chillas is in the multi grain powder she makes at home.

Mythreyee of Paajaka (Cupertino, California, U.S.) made some Oats Adai with Cauliflower and Broccoli. She created this recipe for a cooking competition to make a healthy, yet easy to make south Indian breakfast.

Kamalika of Janaki Patti’s Kitchen (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) made Adai. She serves this savoury lentil and rice pancake with Aviyal or Coconut chutney or jaggery.

Sujatha of Spicy Khazana (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) cooked up some Rava Pongal. Pongal is usually made with rice, bur Sujatha substituted it with rava to make a delicious Sunday breakfast.

Geeta of PaytPooja (U.S.) made some Dalia/ Broken Wheat Upma. An extremely nutritious meal, this can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Apu of Annarasa (U.S.) baked some Chewy Muesli Bars. These bars are a nice combination of oats, raisins and nuts and also make for a great snack to carry along when on the move.

Nate n Annie of Chez Annies (California, U.S.) sent in some Steel Cut Oatmeal with Craisins, Raisins, Slivered Almonds and Buttermilk. This, with the added fibre of flax seeds and sweetened with agave syrup, is their perfect breakfast.

Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles (Germany) made some Instant Bulgur Rava Idlis. A favourite at breakfast with her family, Lakshmi serves these idlis with chutney or sambhar.

She also sent in some Power Cereal. This is a nutritious home-made cereal which is very filling and especially good for children.

She also made some Nutrition Powered Oats Dosas. These thin savoury and spicy pancakes are made from oats and served with oinion chutney and sambhar.

Cham of Spice Club (California, U.S.) a Vietnamese Crepe/ Bahn Xeo. This crepe, normally non-vegetarian, is made in a vegetarian version by Cham and she serves it with Nuoc Cham sauce.

Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons (Chennai, India) cooked up Bansi Rava/ Samba Godumai Upma. Srivalli’s version of this south Indian breakfast is full of vegetables and she has added her own special touch to it with some spice and nuts.

Sireesha of Mom’s Recipes (Paris, France) made some Wheat Rava Upma. Normally made with Semolina, her version contains much less oil and is very filling too.

Mahimaa of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen (Los Angeles, California, U.S.) made a Bread Upma. She made this very simple yet tasty breakfast using multigrain whole-wheat bread.

Geeta of The Fragrant Kitchen (Los Angeles, U.S.) made some Ragi Adai/ Finger Millet Patty. Geeta used a recipe her mother gave her and added some more ingredients to make these steam cooked patties her own creation.

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Treats (Paris, France) made Ragi Idlis. These idlis, served with Coconut chutney or Karaikuzhambu, are made from finger millet flour and especially rich in calcium.
Preeti of My Kitchen Stories (Hamburg, Germany) baked a Whole Wheat Bread. Her bread was soft with a hard crust and apart from having it with a variety of cheeese and jam, she also made some corn-potato pattie sandwiches.
Sukanya of Sukanya's Musings (Singapore) made some Samba Rawa Uppuma/ Kichadi. This very nutritious breakfast made with broken wheat and vegetables is perfect for diabetics.
And the last submission to to this round-up is my Puttu With Cherupayarukari, a traditional and popular breakfast dish from Kerala.

Thank you all for participating and making Nandita's event such a success.

I would also take this opportunity to apologise to all of you who have been caused some trouble because of the mistake I made in typing out my e-mail id in the WBB announcement. As a result of this a lot of the WBB e-mails you sent me have gone to someone else, who must be confused at all the delicious food pictures and details flooding her inbox!

I have collected all the submissions that showed up in the links to my blog, but I have a feeling there are still a few I am missing. If you have sent me a WBB submission, and it is not featured here, may I request you to please leave a comment here? I shall add your entry to this round-up at the earliest.


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Wow ! It seems like a one-stop with all healthy recipes from other blogs ! Any of you know the local name for bulgur wheat ? It's meaning in Hindi or Tamil ?


Aparna said...

I really don't know what bulgur is called in Hindi or Tamil. What we do get in India is cracked wheat. This is called Bansi Ravai (Tamil) or Dalia (Hindi).
Bulgur is precooked broken wheat and I don't know if it is available in India.
For more info on Bulgur check http://www.kurma.net/glossary/g2.html