August 3, 2008

Bread Baking Day #12 - "Small Breads" : Round-up Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Bread Baking Day #12 - "Small breads" round-up. As in Part 1, there is no particular order in this presentation of breads, either.

Here are the remainder of the 63 65 (plus one of mine) breads:

Orange Scented Brioche from Meera of Dindin Tonight (Dallas, TX, USA). She was worried that these wouldn’t turn out right after an earlier disastrous attempt at muffins. She needn’t have, as her brioche spread the scent of oranges in her kitchen and were finished off by family.

Bread Knot Buns from Renuka of Fusion (Trichy,Tamilnadu, India). Though her first attempt at making bread wasn’t a success, the aroma of bread baking in the oven persuaded her to try again with these lovely knot shaped buns.

Sourdough Ciabatta Rolls from Susan of Wild Yeast (Californa, U.S.). These hand mixed rolls were made using the double hydration (wet dough) method. All the details about this method of making bread can be found at Susan’s post and the texture of these rolls is just fabulous.

Delicious and Easy Crumb Buns from Madam Chow of Madam Chow's Kitchen (U.S.). She describes these buns as “little pillows of warm, yeasty goodness, sprinkled with a streusel topping”. And I thought only cakes came with streusel! Made of a sweet dough which freezes well, these buns can be baked on demand.

Home-made Pita Bread from Jaime of Good Eats 'n Sweet Treats (Dallas, Texas, U.S.). When Jaime found that her grocery store no longer carried pita bread, she set out to make some of her own which turned out really soft and fluffy.
Baid Alqata or Salouq from Zainab and Meedo of Arabic Bites (Jubail Indl City, Saudi Arabia). Some of these pretty breads, perfect with tea or coffee, are filled with cardamom flavoured walnut filling and others with date and walnuts.

Knot-a-Breadsticks from Michelle of Big Black Dog (Barrington Hills, Illinois, U.S.). Michelle wanted to make something different for BBD and decided to shape her favourite fennel breadsticks into easy to handle crisp knotted bread.

Crispy Cornsticks from Petra of Chili und Ciabatta (Geiersthal, Germany). Made from corneal, these delightful looking quick breads are made using a cornstick pan (something I’m seeing for the first time) and great by themselves or with soups/ stews.

Fennel and Poppy Seed Rolls from Lien of Notitie van Lien (Netherlands). These rolls are an unusual combination of fennel and poppy seeds and Lien baked them because baking always makes her happy.

Some Dinner Rolls, Breadsticks and Sourdough Muffins from Judy of Judy's Gross Eats (Ventura, California, USA). That’s really three different ”small” breads from Judy but I’m including it as one entry as it in one post at her blog.
Her dinner rolls are not only delicious but quickly and easily made.

The breadsticks were made from an English Muffin recipe and so good that she had to fight for her share.

And finally, Judy made Sourdough Muffins with sour cherries to complement the tang of sourdough.

Fougasse from Houdini of Dinihou (Switzerland). I was under the impression that fougasse was a larger bread. But Houdini assures me his beautiful fougasse are single serving breads, which is how they are made in France and in his home.

Spicy Veggie Buns from Yasmeen of Health Nut -Are you eating Nature's best? (Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.) These spicy buns are chock full of vegetables too. Very healthy.

Le Petits Pains au Lait from Gabi of Lavaterra (Munch, Germany). I believe these translate as “small breads with milk”. An all time family favourite, she says these well flavoured rolls are not too sweet and wonderful with butter and fruit preserves.

Cranberry Apricot & Ginger Muffins from Mansi of Fun and Food (San Francisco, U.S.). She says that these “capture the essence of summer in a muffin” and her favourite breakfast muffins paired with a cup of Ginger-Cardamom tea.

Sauerkraut Rolls from Stefan of Panino'teca (Solingen, Germany). He made these rolls from his bread book as he thought they seemed perfect to post on a German bread blog! Stefan has never seen them in a bakery but found them different and easy to bake.

Sorelle Simili's semi-sweet rolls from Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf (Andalucia, Spain). Zorra used the quick method of thie recipe to make these yeasty rolls in two versions, plain and chocolate chunk. No prizes for guessing which one I’m going to be trying out!

Chocolate Chip Pillows from Alexandra of Addicted Sweet Tooth (New York State, U.S.). These layered sugar encrusted bread pillows (if you read the post, you’ll realize they can’t be called rolls) are full of chocolate goodness.

Blackberry & Lemon Cream Scones from Joelen of Joelen's Culinary Adventures (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.). She says these are” light, fluffy, creamy and perfect scones bursting with blackberries and a nice hint of lemon”.

Richer Biscuits from Temperance of High on the Hog (Texas, U.S.). The quintessential American small bread, Temperance started making them when she was 11. She made these biscuits using the recipe she grew up with.

Hamburger Buns from Deeba of Passionate About Baking (Gurgaon, India). These buns were light with a nice wholesome chew to them” and very tasty.

Fake Subway Sandwich Rolls from Arundati of Escapades (Hyderabad, India). She used a basic brown bread recipe to make rolls for some Subway style sandwiches which are a favourite in her home.
Sweetened Plum Sauce Bread Rolls from Rachel of Tangerine’s Kitchen (India). She made these rolls, topped with home-made plum sauce and sugar crystals, for her little daughter and her best friends.
Paneer Rolls from Raaga of The Singing Chef (Gurgaon, India). She made these Indian style spicy stuffed rolls and wanted to stash away some for later but never got the chance as the rolls were all eaten by then!
Lavender-scented Brioches from Astrid of Paulchen's FoodBlog?! (Vienna, Austria). Astrid made these lavender scented fluffy little breads in muffin moulds to create very beautifully patterned little brioches.
Little French Flatbreads from Lysy of Munchkin Mail (Warwickshire, UK). These breads, now the flatbreads of her choice, started off as French boules but the dough just refused to rise. So Lysy made them into flatbreads with some toppings and they turned out tasty and crunchy.
Corn Flour Rolls from Manuela of Baking History (Massachusetts, U.S.). These soft rolls with lemon zest are chewy and slightly sweet without a gritty texture. Manuela made these from a recipe collection published in 1918, meant to help conserve the use of wheat and sugar.
Pumpkin Rolls from Sus of CorumBlog (Griesheim, Germany). She converted a recipe for pumpkin bread and used up her frozen vegetable stock to bake these pumpkin/ squash rolls (I’m not too sure of the difference, myself) for BBD.
Pretzels With Nigella Seeds from Apu of Annarasa (U.S.). Freshly baked bread is Apu’s weakness and her current favourite are soft, chewy are pretzels topped with coarse salt.
Sacaduros from Eva of Sweet Sins (Sydney, Australia). These intricately shaped breads are topped with a cube of butter and flaky salt, covered with strips of dough and are baked to a crisp bread which opens up to reveal a buttery inside!
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Buns from Jacqueline of Toxo Bread (Burlington, Vermont, U.S.). She decided to be adventurous and tweak a white bread recipe a bit, adding some whole wheat flour and raisins. It paid off with a happy ending and some buns for breakfast.

Petits Pains Feuilletés - Flaky Rolls from Sandra of Le Petrin (Paris, France). These delicate flower shaped rolls have the texture of a croissant without the sweetness or the fat, and they're easy to make.

Welsh Cakes from Laura of The Spiced Life (SW Ohio, U.S.).Rather than make muffins or ordinary pancakes, Laura decided to challenge herself by making these pancakes which were sweeter and richer.

Doubleknots With Cherries from Chaosqueen of Chaosqueen's Kitchen (Lübeck, Germany ). Her knots, made with a simple yeasted dough with milk and cherries, are perfect for a weekend breakfast.
(I'm including this particular entry late because she was unable to send me the details due to a server problem)
I'm finishing this round up of 64 66 small breads, with my own entry, Onion and Paneer Calzone from My Diverse Kitchen (this blog). Italian fare is a favourite at our table and this is my version of the calzone.
I have discovered many new breads and different variations to some breads I knew, because of this event. I’m in a sort of “small bread paradise” and there’s plenty here to keep me and my oven busy for a while to come.

I hope that it is the same with you. I believe that I have included all the entries that were sent in, but if I have mistakenly left anyone out please leave a comment at this post and I will add your entry.
The next Bread Baking Day is being hosted by Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté so please watch out for the BBD announcement on his blog which should be posted there around the 6th of August, 2008.


Arundathi said...

what a fantastic round-up! i'm so bummed i couldnt take part. i had even bookmarked something i wanted to try, but i didnt get around to it. but there are such great links here, thank you.

Sandra Avital said...

Aparna, I think you forgot to add my entry:

Very interesting and great round-up of small breads!

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Great job on the roundup...

Shreya said...

what a great round up. Bookmarked. I can refer to this whenever I have to start baking...:-)

Aparna said...

I'm so sorry, Sandra.
Your beautiful rolls are now in the round-up.

Vcuisine said...

Very cute looking small breads Aparna. Well done. Gone through the Part 1 also. Viji

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Susan/Wild Yeast said...

Great roundup -- thanks to you, Zorra, and all participants!

Laura said...

What a great round up! I did not see my entry though. Did I just miss it? Welsh cakes....

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That was a amazing round up.... Loved all the recipes.

Aparna said...

I apologise Laura, for leaving you out.
You are now very much a part of BBD.

Laavanya said...

All these look fabulous.. can't decide which to try out. Awesome round up Aparna.

FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

What a wonderful bread baking round up. Maaaaan! I wish I had baked something last week. For all the wonderful work you have a award waiting in my site.

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Beautiful bunch of breads here. Thanks for hosting Aparna, it was a great theme.

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They are really inspiring me to bake!:)

Passionate About Baking said...

Fabulous round-up Aparna. Liked your choice of small breads...exciting one & the array that's here is more so! As usual, another event & more bookmarking! Well done girl; hosting an event is always hard work. You did really well!

Cakelaw said...

Super roundup Aparna - many great ideas here.

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Petra aka Cascabel said...

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Curry Leaf said...

Hi ,
I think you left out my scones in the round -up.I had sent an email regarding this as well.
Please respond

Simran said...

I know I won't get around to baking a loaf now. These small breads are enough to keep me happy for a year.

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Aparna said...

Hi Curry Leaf,

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Now, i have enough recipes to try out some more new ones.

Veena said...

A job very well done, Aparna. I have already tried out Asha's (Foodie's Hope) recipe for garlic and cheese biscuits,with a combination of paremesan and cheddar cheeses and they turned out beautifully!! Very easy to put together as well!!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I love the diversity of all these breads. Well done, Aparna.

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Great round up! As usual I was introduced to more variety!

Aparna said...

I can only say a thank you to all of you who helped make this event the success it is.
Never thought there would be so many entries.
And I got to discover so many "small" breads, blogs and bloggers.
Thanks once again, for the support.

culinarytravelsofakitchengoddess said...

What a stunning round up, so many amazing breads. Well done everyone!!

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wonderful round up Aparna. when i see these bread bakers and so many featured recipes I feel almost ready to attempt baking bread! great job!!

Cindystar said...

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