August 3, 2008

Bread Baking Day #12 - "Small Breads" : Round-up Part 1

When Zorra was kind enough to give me a chance to host Bread Baking Day (BBD), it was a bit like a dream come true. But looking for a theme for the event was not easy. When I took a look at all the themes the past hosts had chosen, the ideas I which came to my mind had already been done! Some more serious thinking resulted in the “small breads” theme. Actually my husband deserves most of the credit for this theme, as he came up with it.

It seemed a great idea, to me, as I find it convenient to bake smaller loaves or “small breads” for our family of three. It looks like a lot of you thought so too, looking at the number of entries I have received for this event.
There are 63 65“small bread” entries in all and then my own entry.
I have to say I never expected so many submissions. Thanks to all of you for making this Bread Baking Day a whopping success and leading me on a discovery of some more bread.
Since there are so many entries, I am presenting the round-up in two parts. There is no particular order in the grouping of these breads.

Here is the first part of this round-up:

Bagels, crisp and chewy on the inside from Harini, the Sunshinemom of TongueTicklers (Thane, India). This is her plain version, but she has some “creamier” ones on her blog.

Pretzels also from Harini, the Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers (Thane, India). Her second entry here, these delicious pretzels are made with all purpose, whole wheat and amaranth flours and the result of some experimenting with different flours and pretzel making methods.
Crescent Rolls from JZ of Tasty Treats (Minnesota, U.S.). She decided to make them with “a little less butter” after being tempted by all those Daring Baker Danishes last month.
Two breads, both glutenfree, from Sea Maiden of The Book of Yum. Her Archimedes' Gluten-Free Bread Rolls are tasty and easily made.

Sea Maiden has also made some Gluten-Free Wholegrain Naan flatbread with all the fluffinss of a traditional naan, yet sturdy enough to take heavy fillings.
Cheese and Garlic Biscuits from Asha of Foodie’s Hope (North Carolina, U.S.). Asha made these specially for “her favourite event of all”.
Sourdough Pan De Sal Buns from Sara of What Smells So Good (Ontario, Canada). Sara came up with these “crispy edged melt-in-your-mouth bun” in an effort to cater to her stepfather’s “salt tooth”.
Stout, Oat and Honey Knots from Ulrike of Küchenlatein (Northern Germany). These knots are full of fibre and easy to make and, according to Ulrike, filled her kitchen with a great smell. She also has a video on how to shape the rolls, along with this post.

Mini Espresso Fig Loaves from Caitlin of Engineer Baker (Oshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S.). She compares these to fig newtons with built in coffee!
Olive and Carrot Bread Sticks from Ivy of Kopiaste (Athen, Greece). Braving the heat of summer, Ivy made these breadsticks and also a whole variety of different shaped rolls which were a perfect snack after a swim.
Soft Yogurt Sandwich Rolls from Simran of Bombay Foodie (Mumbai, India). She decided to make these plump and delicious looking rolls as a prelude to baking larger breads.
Pretzels from DK of Culinary Bazar (California, U.S.). She revisited the Daring Baker’s recipe to make these soft yet crunchy Pretzels which were worth every bit of effort that went into them.
Bolillos (Mexican dinner rolls) from Ben of What’s Cooking? (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.). Ben has finally conquered his fear of yeast which is a good thing as he has baked up a whole lot of other breads as well.
Panecillos de leche (Milk Rolls) from Tartasacher of Mil postres /1000 desserts (Spain). These sweet rich rolls are soft and perfect for breakfast or even as a snack.
Burger Buns from Divya Vikram of Dil Se (Los Angeles, U.S.). Divya loves burgers and this is the first time she has made these soft, fluffy buns at home.
Feta, Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Scones from Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen (London, Ontario, Canada). Made with her favourite ingredients, these scones are a great snack or can be served with a soup and salad for lunch or light dinner.
Meteils au Bleu from Boaz of Grain Power (San Diego, U.S.). Boaz wishes the smell of these little blue-cheese rye sourdough loaves baking in the oven could be bottled and sold!
Italian Bread Rolls from George of Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess (Staffordshire, U.K.). Baked to serve at dinner, these rolls are are crisp outside yet chewy on the inside and great to mop up sauce with.
Best Buttermilk Pancakes from Rebecca of Foodie With Family (Southern Tier, NY, USA). She cooked these up as part an effort to feed her family of “six men” healthy and filling food and wean them away from cereal.
Poilâne's Mint Brioche from Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.). These cute minty rolls, made of egg and butter, are irresistible but have to be eaten in moderation if you’re counting calories. Not an easy thing to do.
Zuccini and Parmesan Bread from Dhanggit of Dhanggit’s Kitchen (Aix en Provence, France). This delicious looking crusty yet soft bread is easily made and is perfect with salad and soup.
Onion Bread from Danielle of Gatinha da Cozinha (Kittens in the Kitchen) in Switzerland. Having just moved to Switzerland, Danielle had fun baking these soft and aromatic buns in her new oven.
Mascarpone Sourdough With Raspberries from Tommi of Brown Interior (California, U.S.). These very unusual little rolls are in keeping with Tommi’s belief that “Everything is good baked into bread, especially rich, creamy, borderline sweet cheeses like mascarpone”.
Dinner Rolls from Bhags of Crazy Curry (U.S.). Not feeling very brave about venturing into baking bread, Bhags made these soft, fluffy looking rolls as a first step in this direction.

Donuts from Pam of the Backyard Pizzeria (Victoria, Australia). Pam decided to make these Copycat Krispy Kreme© Donuts which are so good she hopes that the donut franchisee take a very long time coming to her town! She also filled the “holes” with home-made lemon curd which taste even better.

Stuffed Buns from Karuna of Foodie By Nature (San Diego, California, U.S.). Memories of delicious stuffed masala buns for her college days set Karuna off to bake these buns filled with ricotta and spinach.

Cherry Rose Rolls from Padma of Padma’s Kitchen (New Jersey, U.S.). These unusual sourdough rolls went along with Padma to a picnic and were finished off by an appreciative group of friends.

Pogácsa with poppy seeds from Dulmina of 'Dulmina tündérkonyhája' ('Dulmina's Fairy Kitchen') from Szeged, Hungary. Small savoury cakes made from yeasted dough, pogácsa are popular all over Hungary and in their folk tales. It seems school leavers are given these with a little wine and a coin.

Sweet Buns from Cham of Spice-Club (California, U.S.). Cham wanted to use two of her favourite food flavours, chai masala and the pain au chocolat, in a sweet bread. So she made some sweet buns, the first time she’s baked bread, with a chai masala glaze and some more with nutella!

A Skewered Bread Medley from Cinzia of Cindystar (Bardolino, Verona, Italy). This is an unusual presentation of a medley of different flavoured and shaped “small” breads on a skewer.

Sourdough Sundried Tomato Rolls from Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi (Northwestern U.S.). A lack of good bread anywhere near where they live, and a starter that refuses to give up the ghost no matter how badly they treat it, contributed to these delicious rolls.

Pretzels from Natashya of Living In The Kitchen With Puppies (Ontario, Canada). Slight adjustments to a recipe from her baking book produced these wonderful pretzels.

Pepper Tomato Rolls from Ranjitha Prabhu of Ranji’s Kitchen Corner (North Attleboro, MA, USA). Ranji made these light, soft anfd fluffy rolls using sweet pepper pasta sauce and she says they are the best rolls she’s ever had.

Jelly Filled Scones from Sweatha of Curry Leaf (New Jersey, U.S.). Though she had baked white bread before, she wasn't to happy about her baking skills but was pleasantly surprised with how well these scones turned out.
(I'm adding this entry beyond the deadline as Sweatha had sent in her entry but the mail didn't reach me.)

This part of the round-up ends here. The second and final part of the round-up will be posted within two days. Please keep watching this space.
If there are any mistakes here, please leave a comment at this post, or send me an e-mail and I will make the correction.

The next Bread Baking Day is being hosted by Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté, so please watch out for the BBD announcement which should be on his blog around the 6th of August, 2008.

P.S. (4th August, 2008):

If you have been here to see you the round-up before, you might see that there is a difference in the presentation. This is because I understand that those of us who are using Mozilla Firefox and Safari, were having difficulty in viewing this page as the pictures and corresponding text were not appearing in proper alignment.


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zorra said...

Wow, so many wonderful small breads! Can't wait to see the second part. But then it will be even more difficult to decide which recipe to test first. ;-)

Thank you Aparna for the great theme.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Wow, this is a great roundup. I seriously need to start actually making breads and stop *saying* I need to make breads.

Madam Chow said...

I'm so impressed by what everyone made, and thank you for taking on the huge job of organizing and posting this!

Ivy said...

I want to eat them all. Lovely roundup. Thanks Aparna for hosting.

Rachel said...

Wow 63 entries....lovely array in the first round awaiting the next one as well...good job on this....

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Great roundup and lovely entries Aparna..

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Wow, they all look so beautiful.
Who knew that there were so many types of small breads? Can't wait for the 2nd half. Great job on the round-up Aparna!

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This was an amazing event and all the breads I am seeing here are going to give me endless hours of happy baking. Thanks a lot for hosting such wonderful event.

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Lots of reasons to make small breads more often! Thanks for the great theme, Aparna!

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Thanks for the great roundup, and I'm so pleased you got so many entries. So many breads to go and try out...

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Wow, lovely round-up. I guess we forgot to send ours :( But, there's always a next time :) Thanks! It was a great event.

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Curry Leaf said...

Thanks Aparna

David W said...

Could I please ask you to point out that the recipe for Stout, Oat and Honey Knots is the original work and copyright of food writer Dan Lepard and was published on his website at and by The Guardian newspaper in their Guardian Guide to Baking - likewise, the video clip was made by Dan Lepard for the Guardian and posted on their website.

Aparna said...

I appreciate your request, but this particular post is an event round-up when bloggers send in their food posts and I only post whatever details they provide me with.
Maybe you could leave this request with the concerned blogger (who made the bread) to credit it in her post to the originator of the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Sandhya I have been to your log a few times now & would love to try some good wonderful recipes. I really appreciate ur great work & interest in food & photography but just a request - The background in ur blog makes it very difficult to read & is a big strain to the eyes. This comment page was such a relief to the temples & eyes!
If the writings are more clear & legible it would be one of the good blogs around in the food world!