July 10, 2008

A Mango Coconut Kulfi and A Peachy Mango Milkshake

Printable recipe here.

This is a recipe which started out as with a different end result in mind. I gathered all these ingredients planning to make a mango fudge when halfway through I realized that the fudge wasn’t going to materialize. So I froze the custardy mixture and to make it a kulfi. This recipe could qualify as a gelato as well but it had all the classic features of a kulfi (milk, sugar, cardamom and pistachios).
A kulfi is an Indian frozen dessert some what like an ice cream. Traditionally, kulfi is made with full fat milk, sweetened with a lot of sugar and boiled to reduce it to a thick creamy custard. It is then flavoured with cardamom, saffron and pistachios and frozen. The best kulfi is the one that comes in matkas (small earthenware pots) with no other flavour additions.

This kulfi has mango and the coconut milk in it lends a barely discernable flavour but gives the kulfi a very creamy taste and texture. And needless to say a lot of calories!
I haven’t mastered the art of photographing frozen desserts and the temperatures here don’t help in this matter. So please don’t be driven away by this picture. This kulfi is absolutely delicious, especially on a hot summer day.


1 can (400g) sweetened condensed milk (I used Nestle Milkmaid)
1 ½ cups fresh mango puree
1 cup milk
1 pack coconut milk (or thick coconut milk from 2 small coconuts)
¼ tsp salt
3 – 4 tbsp chopped pistachio
1 tsp powdered cardamom


Put the condensed milk, milk, mango puree and salt in a heavy bottomed pan. Stir everything together and bring to a boil. Simmer for about 5 to 7 minutes. Now turn down the heat and add the coconut milk and mix well till blended. Make sure the mixture does not boil as the coconut milk will split. Take the pan off the heat. Add the chopped pistachio and cardamom. Mix well again and allow to cool, stirring occasionally to prevent a skin forming on the kulfi custard.
Pour into kulfi or popsicle moulds and freeze. If you don’t have either, pour into a metal/ plastic container and freeze. Serve like ice cream.
Kulfi becomes very hard when frozen like icecream. So you may have to keep it at room temperature to soften slightly before serving.
I'm sending this to Meeta for her Monthly Mingle: Mango Mania.

Peachy Mango Milkshake

Why am I doing a two recipe post today, and pairing these two recipes?
No particular reason, I’m just doing it. If you really want to connect up the two recipes, the common elements would be milk and mangoes. This recipe got made up because I needed to empty my fridge of perishable items as I would be away from home for about a week. So some peaches left over from my last recipe and some mangoes became a milkshake and my fridge is fruit free for the present.

This is one of the few devious methods I use to get my daughter to have certain fruits she doesn’t like!


4 small peaches
2 mangoes
½ litre cold milk
Sugar as required (depending on how sweet/ or not, the fruits are)
¼ tsp freshly grated nutmeg


Chill the fruits till quite cold. Peel and chop the peaches and mango. Put all the ingredients into the blender/ liquidiser and blend into a smooth milkshake. Serve immediately. This would make 3 large or 4 small milkshakes. This is great with breakfast.

This recipe of mine is going to join others at Culinarty's Original Recipes and the event I'm hosting Think Spice, Think Nutmeg.

I shall take this opportunity to thank Sireesha of Mom's Recipies who has bestowed my blog

(and me) with a Bear Hug and Ivy of Kopiaste who made my day by giving me a You Make My Day award.

I truly appreciate the gesture and my apologies to both of you in taking some time to acknowledge them.
I shall be travelling out of Goa and be away for the next six days and so will not be able to acknowledge your comments or e-mails till I get back. See you all next week.


Mike of Mike's Table said...

I love kulfis and have been meaning to try making one for a while now. This and the shake both look delicious!

Lore said...

Congrats on your awards Aparna!
The milkshake looks heavenly and what a great way of getting your daughter to eat a diverse palette of vitamins. It's such a great feeling when creativity in the kitchen helps you achieve something as important as that, isn't it?
That kulfi looks quite delish too!
Thank you for participating :)

Padma said...

Thats cool recipe. I had tonns of mango while in India. Thanks for visiting my blog, you have a great day!

Sig said...

With those ingredients you can't go wrong at all... Fudge or Kulfi doesn't matter :)
Enjoy your trip!

Vcuisine said...

Nice to see the mango recipe again Aparna! I too posted. They are too tasty. Correct? Congrats on awards. Viji

Sunshinemom said...

My photographs of ice creams come out like this thanks to the high temp., and totally love the idea of adding coconut milk - Lovely recipe:) The peach mango combi is a good one too, but I vote for the kulfi - yum:)

Jude said...

2 simple recipes for mango.. I'm really interested in the spices used and how it enhances the mango flavor.

TBC said...

You will not believe me when I say that a couple of weeks back, I too started something with the intention of making a mango-coconut burfi/fudge- the consistency was all wrong and it did not look anything like it was supposed to. Never posted it. It tasted absolutley great though.:D
The kulfi is such a great idea!

Lisa said...

I cook a lot of Indian dishes, but for some reason, I have not really experimented with Indian desserts even though they are so delicious. I'll have to try this. YUM!

zlamushka said...

congrats on the award. Look at that mango madness guarded by the kitties :-) yum!
Btw. T&T round-up is up and running, so is July´s challenge. Hope to see you there ...

Natashya said...

I love mango. I have never tried making a kulfi before but I have always wanted to. Definitely this summer!
Aparna, I see that you are no stranger to blog awards! I have one for you on my site today.
Have a great day.

A&N said...

Wow the kulfis bring back so many memories of those 'thelas' that ring the bell during summer times. thanks to you, I can make them at home :)

and congrats on all your awards :)

Holler said...

I like the sound of that milkshake and I am loving the cats who are eyeing it up!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

hi aparna
it reminds of summer time in India..here it is winter but i still loved the recipe and the flavour suddenly emerged..the kulfi and the peachy mango shake..wow !

Sagari said...

that looks deleciousssssss

Shreya said...

Hi, Kulfi looks great:-) , the peachy mango milkshake is so cool, too. Thanks for the recipes, and Congrats on the awards!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Sneaking fruits into smoothies and milkshakes is an excellent and delicious way to get more fruit into kids' diets. And your kulfi sounds divine. Safe travels to you, Aparna.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Congrats on the awards...well deserved dear girl! I love both the recipes with milk & mango! The kulfi looks great...love the flavours! Hope you have a nice break at Goa!!

Rajani said...

hi, first time on your blog. love your recipes. the kulfi looks yum, especially with the pista peeping out here are there. will definitely try it out. also great entry for lore's original recipes roundup. Looking forward to sending in something for your nutmeg event! do drop by my blog.

Aparna said...

For me, mango rules. And nice to see you all think so too. So anything mango couldn't go wrong.:)

Talk about coincidences, TBC! If I hadn't thought of freezing this, I think I would have drunk like it was, and called it a payasam!

You should try Indian desserts, Lisa. They're quite different, though you might find them on the sweeter side.

I'm there, Zlamushka.:)

Thank you very much, Natashya.

Welcome to my blog, Rajani, and thanks. I look forward to your entries. Will definitely drop by.