July 22, 2008

Laura's Portuguese Sweet Bread, A No-Knead Bread from Jugalbandi and Meeta's Achari Aloo

Laura’s Portuguese Sweet Bread

For this month’s Taste & Create, Nicole at For The Love of Food paired me up with Laura of the Spiced Life. This event requires us to recreate a recipe of our choice from the collection of the blogger we have been paired up with.
Being a vegetarian living in India, I sometimes find myself narrowed down on choices of what to cook from the assigned blog. First because, of course, I’m vegetarian, and then I find that many of the listed ingredients are just not available here.
Going through Laura’s blog I came upon a Portuguese Sweet Bread which I thought I would try.

My bread doesn’t look like any Portuguese sweet bread you’ve probably seen. My fault entirely. I thought the amount of dough I had wasn’t enugh for two small loaves and I didn’t have a big loaf tin. So I used my cake tin thinking I would get a nice roundish bread. Well, the dough had other ideas! It rose quite a bit and ended up looking like this.
I followed Laura's recipe with two exceptions, one intended and the other one accidental. I used only one egg instead of the two she suggested. But after I had kept the dough for rising, I realized that I had misread 6 tbsps of sugar as 6 tsps. So I went back to the almost doubled dough and kneaded it again adding 2 tbsps of honey. Then I allowed the dough to double again before baking it.

The bread was just sweet enough for us (so maybe it was a good thing I misread the recipe) with a soft and spongy texture with a very dark yet soft crust. It made great toast the next day.

Jugalbandi’s No Knead Bread

Anyone who has been following my posts would know that I enjoy baking, especially bread (so much that my blog is close to becoming a bakers’ blog). Sometime back Bee had suggested that I could try making their No Knead Bread. After all, what could be easier than swishing all the ingredients together, plopping everything into a bowl, allowing the mass to rise and baking it into a great bread?

So make it I did. Not just once or twice, but many more times. But I have neglected to post it or acknowledge the recipe. So when Nupur of One Hot Stove, who is hosting this month’s Monthly Blog Patrolling (MBP), announced “Less is More” as the theme, this was the perfect opportunity for this bread to see the daylight on my blog. This bread is made with four ingredients – flour, yeast, salt and water. As Nupur’s event guide lines state that water and salt would not count as ingredients for this event, this bread is made with only two ingredients!!

The recipe is the one at Jugalbandi but I couldn’t resist substituting half the flour with whole wheat flour. The result has always been a very crusty wonderful bread which is soft “holey” inside. This bread is on the way to becoming a “regular” at our table.

Meeta’s Achari Aloo

Zlamushka of Zlamushka’s Spicy Kitchen has chosen to showcase Meeta’s blog, What’s For Lunch Honey, through her Tried and Tasted event. Meeta’s blog has a varied collection of recipes and extremely beautiful photographs.
I chose to make her Aachari Alu - Potatoes in Mango Chutney Sauce to serve with chappathis and plain yogurt.

I stayed with Meeta’s recipe except for the mango chutney sauce. I didn’t have this so I used 1 ½ tbsps each of mango chundo and mango thokku. The result was a delicious potato preparation with a wonderful mingling of spicy, tangy, salty and sweet flavours. This is a dish worth trying.

I would like to finish this post by saying a “Thank You” to the Foodbuzz team for the lovely tote bag and badges they sent me.


Sunshinemom said...

Baking is something I am luvin' too:). Do you have any idea what we could use in place of rye flour? I tried googling and could not come up with any thing? I wanted to make and send pretzels to your BBD but it demands rye flour:(

I loved the breads as well as the potatoes - who doesn't love them anyway!

Aparna said...

I don't think there's a substitute for it. Rye floue has a very low gluten content.
I have made pretzels with whole wheat flour, and they turned out fine.

Nupur said...

This post has an overload of delicious food, Aparna! The texture and crumb of your breads is really something to admire.
Thanks for the entry :)

Meeta said...

Aparna, the bread looks simply delicious. I am so glad you liked the Achari Aloo dish and the picture looks great. Thank you!

bee said...

the portuguese bread has a fantastic colour. haven't tried no-knead bread with whole wheat. now i will.

A_and_N said...

Two breads and one sabzi in a post? Now thats what I call a treat! And I love the idea of bread for less is more. Great thinking :) both breads look fantastic. I love the texture on the no-knead bread....looks really awesome!

Allergy Mom said...

Hi Aparna! I love the domed bread in the cake pan. It's really beautiful.

I've tagged you for a meme. Come on by and check the rules if you'd like to play. Libby

sra said...

All your pix looks good, esp the last one!

Rachel said...

Wow all three are gorgeous..Love the domed bread that you baked ina cake tine...love it for its spongy texture...

Laura said...

Your bread looks great. I had the same reaction to the amount of dough but crossed my fingers and trusted Reinhart--I should have mentioned that in the post.

I am running so late! but I have not forgotten you're my partner. I even have my recipe picked--but then my husband had to go out of town and I am waiting for him to get back (tonight or tomorrow morning) as he would kill me if I made Indian without him. :)

SMN said...

Baking is smthng which im scared off and thats y away frm it plannin to start baking wth a bread lookin out for recipes.. this luks great

TBC said...

The achari aloo looks so colorful!

ServesYouRight said...

Delightful!!! You've certainly been productive!!


Aparna said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments here. Cooking from all those blogs was fun.

Will do, Libby. Just give me some time.

That's ok, Laura. Saw your post. Am glad you enjoyed making it.

You never know till you try it, Smn.

Bharti said...

Hello! I made the no knead after looking at it on your blog!
Thanks mucho!

zlamushka said...

Fantastic entry. I like how you cook from other blogs. Thank you for participating T&T this month as well.

Anonymous said...

Went thriugh your blog...you have a great collection of recipes..thanks for sharing it..I have a question ,i know it might sound silly to you...do you use OTG or cooking range to bake those lovely cakes and breads...PLease do answer my question as i wanna bake,and don't know which is best to buy for baking...Waiting for your reply...Thanks in advance!


Aparna said...

Thank you Mel, for the compliments.Its nice to know that others enjoy what I post on my blog.:)

There's nothing silly about your question.
I don't use an OTG or a range. I have a 30L microwave-cum-grill-cum-convection ovens.
I find this convenient as most of what I bake is for my 3 member family and friends.
As for which one is best for baking, I'm not really sure. I think it would depend upon your budget and the space available in your kitchen. I think an OTG might not have the full range of temperature required for all types of baking, but here again, I'm not too sure.
All the best with your oven shopping and baking! I hope this answer helped.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aparna for replying my question,i have already purchased micro-grill-convection oven,could you also tell me what cookware should be used while baking...i know what to use for microwave ,but confused about baking ware,should i use only glasware which i find very heavy to handle..


Aparna said...

Hi again Mel,

Congratulations on you purchase.

As you know, you can use only microwave safe ware in the MW. But for the oven you can use any bakeware, whether galss or metal, that you would use in any other oven.
Aluminium or non-stick bake ware is not as heavy as glass.

Happy Baking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!!

Funnily enough your Portuguese sweet bread looks EXACTLY as it should. But then again its regional. Some are sweeter and richer, others more plain. My family recipe (very egg and sugar-rich, with other extras). I have never seen it prepared other then in a round cake pan unless it was prepared for Easter or Holy Spirit festivities where it is "crown"-shaped with whole eggs place for decor. I'd have to admit. Your picture looks exaclty like my grandmothers. (I'm still perfecting my technique :P )
Thanks for sharing... nelson

Aparna said...

Thank you Nelson, for that feedback. Really appreciate it as I didn't know what one was meant to look like.
And I'm very happy you think it looks like your grandmother's bread.:)