March 15, 2008

Dep: Kochi (COK) - Arr: Goa (GOI)

If you have been following my blog, you would know that we lived in Goa before we moved down to Kochi about 4 years ago. Well, I’m very happy to tell you all that we are moving back to Goa. In my husband’s words, “The call of the Mandovi river is too strong to be ignored”.
In fact, we think we are quite a bit Goan at heart. When our daughter was about 4 years old, and someone would ask her where she “came” from, she would very confidently state, “Appa (her father) is from Kochi, Amma (her mother) is from Kozhikode and I am from Goa”!
We moved to Goa from Mumbai, soon after we got married and lived there for 10 years. I believe that living there has spoiled us for life anywhere else. When I say life in Goa, I don’t mean the all the sea food and stuff like xacuti, vindaloo, cafreal, sorpotel, etc. (we’re vegetarian and we have heard too many of the “Goa is wasted on you guys” variety of comments) or the wine and feni (we don’t drink alcohol) or the rave, trance and other partying that Goa has become infamous for.
We are looking forward to our walks on the beaches (there are many that tourists haven’t an inkling about), watching the barges sailing down the Mandovi and Zuari rivers, the monsoon rains slowly approaching you from across the sea, the neighbourhood “padeiro” (baker) who bring fresh and warm “pao” (rolls/ bread) every morning and evening on his bicycle, the unhurried pace of everyday life, the friendly, polite and sincere people, and all those many, many little things that make life worthwhile.
There is a term that is used to refer to Goa and it is “sussegado” which is a Portuguese word and means relaxed, unhurried or laid back. What sussegado really means is an acceptance of and contentment with whatever life has to offer.
A little story I’ve heard (don’t know how true it is) explains this philosophy of life and goes like this.
Once a prosperous businessman came down from Mumbai to Goa on holiday. He noticed a man (let’s just call him Savio for this story) sitting patiently for hours together waiting for fish to bite at his fishing line. Savio finally caught enough fish for the night’s supper and got up to go home. The business man offered Savio a job in Mumbai and a reasonable salary as he felt Savio was wasting his time sitting around and doing nothing much. Savio wanted to know what taking up a job in Mumbai would eventually give him. The businessman told him he could earn a lot of money. Savio asked what he could do with so much money. The businessman told him he could do anything he wanted, including taking a holiday and go fishing. That’s when Savio replied saying that he was already doing all that anyway! So what did he want to go to Mumbai for?
So, we are leaving Kochi for Goa at the end of March. I am not going to be very regular with my posting due to all the madness that entails clearing out the house, packing up, moving, unpacking and settling in not to mention all those other little things that need to get done in between all this.
But do keep watching this space and bear with me if I’m not able to come over to all your blogs. I promise to be back as soon as possible.


TBC said...

Have a safe and stress-free move.

Pooja V said...

I am so thrilled about reading about Goa. I am a die hard goan. I have lived thr for 20+ years in fact i was born n brought up their. I know wht u mean when You want to walk on beaches whr tourist arent seen. yayyyy !!! you'll be in goa just in time for mankurat mangoes.

Rachel said...

Luck you! You know what I mean!

masalamagic said...

Nice post Aparna! Nice to read about a different culture and a relaxing life! I like Savio's story :-) Good luck on your move.

Happy cook said...

Good luck on going back to your loved place Goa.
I loved the way your daughter said from that she comes from Goa :-)

Saswati said...

Hi aparna! feeling so nice to hear that you have been in goa and moving back to goa.we have stayed in goa for 6 yrs and will get posted back husband being a naval aviator.goa is like home for us...nice knowing you.see you once you are back...then you can tell me more abt mu fave place:)

Red Chillies said...

Aparna, good luck with the move and hope you have a good time in Goa. Our kuladeva is in Goa (Mangeshi) and we visit Goa often and totally love it.

Vineela said...

Happy and safe move,Aparna.
I love goa.Mangeshnath temple,beaches really wonderful place tO live.

sunita said...
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sunita said...

Aparna, I've never been to Goa...but it's there on our wish list...we would love those quiet beaches too :-)...wish you a hassle free move.All the best :-)

Nags said...

i am so J! I havent even had a change yet to visit goa :(

bee said...

i am so thrilled for you. goa is my absolute favourite place. can you believe, jai has never been there?

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I wish you and your family much success and happiness with your move. Looking forward to your return.

Cynthia said...

There is so much love in you and your family for Goa... you are meant to be there... Safe travels, take it easy with all the stress and excitement that comes with moving from one place to another and we will be on the lookout for your return.

Warm hugs.

Nandita said...

Lovely read Aparna...Lets hope we can catch up with you when we are in Goa next :) You could take us around to the vegetarian hot spots as we are vegetarians too - all the best with the move...but please get back to blogging soon!

Suzana said...

Aparna, lovely post! I'm happy for you, plus you're getting closer to Portugal, isn't it? ;)

All the best in your moving to Goa - I hope you have a safe journey.

Suganya said...

Have a safe move, Aparna.

viverl said...

The story is a Christian story, of course not set in Goa. :-)

Aparna said...

Thanks for all the good wishes. All of you who haven't been there should see Goa once, sometime. I will do a couple of posots before we move but will get back as soon as I can.

Pooja, RC and Vineela,
Nice to know you have roots in Goa. Mangueshi is a lovely temple.

Know exactly what you mean.

Maybe you will be back at Goa soon.

Would be happy to see you in Goa. Vegetarian hotspots are a bit on the rarer side though.:(

Rosie said...

Sending you my best wishes Aparna and have a safe move :)

Rosie x