January 9, 2008

Make It At Home - Peanut Butter

y daughter and I love peanut butter. My husband just likes it.
I still remember all those times, while still at school, I used to get hungry for a snack and peanut butter (no jam/ jelly) on thick slices of soft, crusty bread was my favorite. To be honest, I don't even need the bread. I could eat peanut butter by the spoonful, the way some people like to eat Nutella!

I used to find it very difficult to find peanut butter in India for a long time. Now it is available in plenty on the supermarket shelves, in both imported and locally made versions. But the manufacturers seem to think that peanut butter is some exotic or gourmet food item given the prices at which they sell it out here! This is a bit of a joke considering that India grows peanuts (or groundnuts as we call them here) in plenty.
I personally dislike the waxy feel store bought peanut butter leaves on my tongue.

So I like making my own peanut butter at home. It doesn't take much time to pick a par of peanut butter off the shelves and bring it home, but I can think of a couple of reasons to make it at home besides the fact that it costs less to do so.

The most compelling reason is that home-made stuff wins hands down, almost every time. Then again, its takes so little time to make your own peanut butter. Apart from being able to control the amount of salt, fat and sugar in home-made peanut butter, it is also free of all the stuff like "fully hydrogenated vegetable oil, natural peanut butter flavour, caramel colour. corn syrup"to mention a few.

I don't always get shelled peanuts where I live right now, so I do it from scratch. This means making peanut butter sometimes becomes more involved, but its still worth the effort in my opinion. There's no more "All Natural" Peanut Butter than the one made at home!
Home-made Peanut Butter


1/2 kg shelled and roasted peanuts
2 tsps sugar
3 tbsps oil
1 tsp salt approx. (or to taste; I prefer less salt)


Run the peanuts in the food processor till the peanuts are broken into small bits. If you like chunky peanut butter, remove about 1/2 a cup and keep aside before going further. I prefer a smoother peanut butter without large bits of peanuts to bite into.
Now add the sugar, salt and about 2 tbsps of the oil. Run the mixture in the food processor, adding the remaining 1 tbsp oil, until everything comes together in a buttery mass. Add the peanut bits which were kept aside and run the processor a couple of times till everything is uniformly mixed. Bottle and refrigerate.
You can make this in a mixer/ grinder jar, too.
Peanuts contain oil and the amount of oil in them differs depending on the peanut variety. So after the initial 2 tbsps of oil, adding the remaining 1 tbsp oil , ensures that you need to add only as much oil as necessary to get a spreading consistency. You may not need that last 1 tbsp oil at all!


Nags said...

i love peanut butter too and i feel there are very few who like it. its either love or ugghh! that looks lovely. i shud start making it myself too.. normally get my bro to bring it from dubai!

Rajitha said...

that peanut butter does look great..i think anything when made at home is more healthy as there is some sort of control!! love p.b too!!

easycrafts said...

have never tried making it...now that i have the recipe, would like to try sometime

AnuSriram said...

gr8 idea... Will try this way..

Asha said...

Better tasting if home made but got to finish it fast! I am sure you and your daughter will!:)

TBC said...

My mom makes this at home too. I have never given it a shot...too lazy! Love PB sandwiches.:-)

remya said...

i love crunchy peanut butter...making at home amazing!!!!...looks perfect..

Mansi Desai said...

wow! that's a great recipe Aparna! I usually like peanut butter with my morning banana smoothies, and nothing else, so maybe I can make a small batch and keep preserved:)

thanks for sharing girl!

aparna said...

Happy to see so many PB lovers.:)

Nupur said...

Very clever of you to make your own. It is fresher and tastier, looks wonderful and creamy!

Thanu said...

Hi, Its my first visit to your blog. Was very happy to find a lot of Kerala cuisine .i bet giving the kids home made peanut butter would be very satisfying.. Nice one! :)

Happy cook said...

I am not a fan of peanut butter.
But home made peanut butter indeed looks good

shriya said...

My first visit to your blog . Nice collections of recipes you have. My husband is a die hard fan of Peanut butter . You have no idea how much he loves it. I am gonna try this and surprise him with your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

IFK said...

Thanks. Didn't know people eat peanut butter in India. I have a question - can you substitue the sugar for jaggery?

Aparna said...

Lots of people in India eat peanut butter.:) But I'm guessing they must be living in the cities and larger towns, though.

I've never tried using jaggery in PB so I really have no idea. It should be ok,I think, as jaggery and peanuts make a good pairing.

Anil said...

I am a peanut butter fan .. Can eat loads and loads of it however it is not easily availiable in India. Now a days you can find some brands in Super Market but they are very costly. Thanks for the process will try at home atleast once and let see what is result

Aparna said...

Peanut butter is indeed on the expensive side in India.
I ceratinly hope this recipe works out for you, Anil.

Sai Jyothi Prasad Ponduru said...

Hi Aparna, thanks for the recipe. I am planning to try it. For how many days will such homemade peanut butter be good ?

Aparna said...

You're welcome.
As long as you refrigerate it, it stays for about 3 weeks to a month. That's the longest any batch has lasted in my fridge before I have had to make another batch. I have no idea if it lasts longer than that.

Prakhar K Goel said...
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Prakhar K Goel said...

Hi, Please tell do I have to remove the reddish peel on the peanuts or do I have to grind it with without removing that peel. And also suggest which oil should I use. Like Dhara Refined or mustard oil or any other thing?

BTW I am a 21 yrs old software engg guy... in case my question sounds weird.

Aparna said...

You have to shell (remove the reddish peel/skin) on the peanuts before grinding them.
You can use any refined oil such as any brand of sunflower oil. Oils such as mustard or coconut oil have a strong flavour which doesn't go well with peanut butter.
Good luck!

Prakhar K Goel said...

Thankyou so much... Its my first time trying to do develop anything in kitchen. Should I read some prayers? or keeping the fingers crossed is good enough?