November 22, 2007

Dinner Rolls

As I have mentioned somewhere on my blog (my first post, I think), I love baking. The first thing I made in the kitchen (apart from helping my mother when I was younger) was chappathis. The next was a simple cake. This was when I was in high school. I still remember we had one of those ovens where the gas flames were lit at the bottom and if you weren’t careful, your cake would be beautifully burnt on one side!!!
Thank God for advances in technology. Now, I just need to pre-set the oven and it beeps when the baking is done.
While I managed cakes ok, my dream was to bake good bread. To me, the aroma of fresh bread baking in my oven is one of those fulfilling experiences. I have finally through a lot of trial and error (more errors than I care to mention), got around to making passable bread.
I make dinner rolls often and I assume that bakers would probably not consider this worth a post. But I have to do this post because I’m just happy that I can bake a decent lot of rolls!!!

1 cup warm milk
1 tsp sugar
1 ½ tsp dry yeast
1 ¼ cups all purpose flour
1 ¼ cups whole wheat flour
½ cup wheat germ
1 tbsp oil
½ tsp salt

Add the sugar and yeast to the warm milk, mix and allow to prove for about 5 minutes.
To the flours, add all other ingredients and the milk-yeast mixture. Knead well, by hand or with hand mixer, till smooth and elastic. Cover and keep to rise till the dough has doubled in size. Punch the dough back and divide into 10 equal portions. Shape each portion as desired, using lightly oiled hands. Place on greased sheet and allow to rise slightly (about 10 minutes). Brush with water.
Bake at 200 C for about 20 minutes till nicely browned. Cool on a rack.
I am actually doing a post I am not sending in for a food event :)


Jeena said...

Oh I love this recipe, I could eat all of your bread rolls up now yummy. :)

Sig said...

Nice blog you have here Aparna! Making bread is soo fulfulling, I've only done it once, and I was so proud :)

Linda said...

Hi Aparna, good for you, a post just because you want to! Your rolls look beautiful :)

PASSIONATE BAKER....and beyond. said...

Great looking dinner rolls, Aparna. Am still wary of trying yeast as hve has some disastrous results in the past. Which yeast do you use? Yr rolls look so good!! O...the feeling of actually writing a post just for the sake of the blog and not an event. I know the feeling...those are a result of my butterfly posts etc! Just my own feelings sometimes...

aparna said...

Thank you, jeena, sig, linda. Hope to be im"prove" my efforts with yeast breads!

aparna said...

Do appreciate your comment. "Disaster" is too mild to describe my earlier forays into breadmaking! I use an active dry yeast my cousin got me from the US.

Mansi Desai said...

these are very nicely done Aparna! I bet everyone enjoyed them a lot!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Came back to check the DB post (not up yet) & a dinner roll recipe which I saw ages ago. Hope to try either this or a herb bread from Asha's today. Lets see how far I get!!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Aparna...I finally made these 2 days ago...messed up the recipe a bit, but they were fabulous! Thanks for a great post!! Will blog it in a few days!

PG said...

The dinner rolls look so good! A nice blog you have here! Have been wanting to try out my recipe of bread rolls again which did not turn out as soft. Will try to modify using yours. :)