November 15, 2007

Carrot Mulagushyam

I came across an announcement for a “power”less cooking event, i.e. cooking without the use/ help of electric gadgets. The idea struck me as a novel one and so this recipe is just right for the event.
Of course, in the old days, no one used electric gadgets! A lot of traditional cooking was labour intensive yet there are quite a few dishes which could be put together with minimum fuss or effort.
Mulagushiyam is one of these and made often in Palakkad Iyer homes (everyone has their own version, of course!). This is a dal (lentil/ parippu) based vegetable gravy which is eaten with rice. Here is the recipe for carrot mulagushyam.

1 cup diced vegetable (I used ¾ carrot and ¼ peas)
¾ cup tuvar dal, cooked
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp coarsely crushed pepper corns
½ tsp cumin powder
Salt to taste
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 sprig curry leaves

Mash the tuvar dal. Cook the vegetables in 1 ½ cups of water with turmeric powder and salt till soft. You could pressure cook them too. Add the mashed dal and mix well. Allow to come to boil, then add the crushed pepper and cumin powder. Mix well and turn off the heat. Crush the curry leaves by hand and add. Now add the coconut oil, stir once and cover. Leave the flavours to steep for half an hour.
Serve with rice, pickles or thogayal (a thick type of chutney) and paapad for a complete meal.

Traditionally, ash gourd (white pumpkin/ elavan) is the vegetable used for Mulagushiyam. Elephant yam (chenai) or raw banana (vazhakkai) or a combination of both can also be used. For a less traditional version (like this one), a combination cabbage and peas also tastes good.
Also, this is a bland dish, in the original version, as no spice is included. I do not like it like that, hence the pepper. If you like it spicier, you may add a green chilli or two but never red chillies or chilli powder!
I am sending this over to Simple Indian Food for the 'Power'less cooking event


easycrafts said...

This is new to me. Thanks for the entry...

Jeena said...

What a lovely recipe so whole some and yummy. Great ingredients I can see how this must have tasted so delicious. :)

Arundati Rao said...

hey aparna, i followed the link from the comment you left on my this dish similar to the molakootan?? i'm trying my hand at palakkad iyer cooking and would love to pick up a few more....

Mansi Desai said...

hey Aparna! thanks for visiting my site:)

This dal looks so comforting..just like my mom used to's not common in our gujju culture, but we liked it so much she learnt it from a neighbor and used to make it for us:) thanks for reviving memories!

aparna said...

Thanks Jeena, Arundati and Manasi.

Arundati, I believe what you are referring to is "Molakootal". Molakootal is made with vegetables, dal(usually moong)and a ground paste of coconut and cumin. this dish always tempered(tadka) with mustard seeds and urad dal.
Molagushyam is more easily digested and traditionally made for meals after a period of fasting.
Will do a post on this later.

TBC said...

I think it's my first time here. You have a couple of great recipes & they're vegetarian too... yay!
I just checked out ur profile & I understand that you live in Cochin. My parents do too. :)

aparna said...

Thanks, tbc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aprana,
I just found your blog..Being a palakkad Iyer myslef I love all the recipes you have posted