October 22, 2007

HOW TO..........???

There are many times when a recipe alone is not enough to explain the the whole process of cooking or putting together something in the kitchen. In such instances, a visual representation always makes things easier.

There are many food bloggers who are adept at presenting detailed step-by-step posts with pictures or videos, but I am most definitely not one of them. I find it difficult enough to manage my pots, pans, ladles and ingredients without adding my camera to this mix. I also am not willing to risk having bits of flour, oil and other such stuff anywhere near my camera or lenses.

However, I have found the internet to be a wonderful source for such visual tutorials whenever I have needed help. This page is a collection of links showing detailed or step-by-step explanations of various recipes or cooking processes that I have found useful in my kitchen. You may occasionally find a link to my blog here.